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A handy trick for your German door…

I know I already blogged this morning, but I was just inspired to write this second post for all the hapless Americans in Germany who struggle with doors that automatically lock.  I haven’t yet locked myself out of my house, but I am very paranoid about it.  I live way out in BFE and don’t always carry my phone or keys with me.  Also, sometimes I just want to go outside for a second and not have to worry about being locked out of the house.

I used to think I would just have to bring my key with me or prop open the door, not such a good idea when you have beagles who like to run!  Fortunately, there is a trick to unlocking my German door and there’s a good chance it might work for you, too.

Notice the little toggle switch in the door jamb…

Flip it up…

Now the door is unlocked.


I made a video that shows exactly how this works.

This switch really comes in handy when I just want to step outside for a minute and don’t feel like carrying my keys.  However, I must caution you to remember to reset the switch when you’re finished with your short trip outside.  Sometimes I forget to reset the switch to the locked position and then Bill gets all paranoid, thinking the switch popped up on its own.  He tries to slam the door locked, usually when I’m half asleep, and then I have to go downstairs and show him how the switch works again.  It doesn’t get my days off to the best start.

Also, one time I was on the receiving end of a lecture from our landlords because they noticed I had left the door unlocked.  They thought I didn’t know how the switch worked.  They were the ones who showed it to me!  I guess they forgot!

I don’t know if all German doors have this convenient feature, but I thought this information might be handy for some readers.  Chances are if my door has it, yours does too.


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