Every once in awhile, I run across strange sightings while walking my dogs.  I have blogged about this phenomenon before.  Sometimes I see weird things.  Sometimes I have odd or funny conversations with people.   This morning, I saw something especially interesting.

As I was walking down the slope leading to the road where my dogs do their business almost every day, I saw something on the ground.  I couldn’t be sure in the distance.  At first, it looked like a big man lying on a blanket.  I thought maybe he was using an iPad or something.

Off in the distance, a mysterious sighting… writhing on the ground.

As I got closer, I saw that there were two people lying there.  It looked like they were kissing.  My dogs gamely trotted along, for once not making a sound.  As I rounded the corner, the duo sat up.  I could see they were teenagers who appeared to be very horny.  I said nothing as the dogs and I passed, but in my mind I was thinking that this area is where my dogs most enjoy pooping.

Zane was curious and wanted to watch the teens as they sucked face.  I had some trouble pulling him away from this romantic scene.


The kids kind of gave me a smile, then got right back to their business.  She laid down on the blanket and he started passionately kissing her.  And sure enough, just past where those kids were making out, both of my dogs crouched into number two position and took prodigious dumps.  There weren’t any other people out there walking their dogs or biking when I passed the youngsters.  I wondered how long they’d been there.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen people making out so publicly.  When Bill and I visit the Mineraltherme, we often see young people practically having sex in the water.  It’s pretty funny for us because neither of us are into such public displays.  It’s even funnier to see the disapproving looks shot their way by cranky grandmas.  But I guess if you have to see something odd like that, it’s better that it’s two people in the throes of lovemaking than two people beating the hell out of each other.

Not long after I passed the teens, I noticed more people were out and about, including a very nice elderly English speaking lady I often see, and her two pugs.  I wonder if anyone said anything to the kids, since they seemed very much into their kissing session when I passed and were nowhere to be seen a short time later.  I hope they enjoyed themselves.  Oh, to be young and randy!


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