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Stuttgarter Weindorf 2016!

Despite Bill’s and my love for wine, before yesterday, we had never made it to the annual Stuttgart Weindorf.  This is an event that has been going on for the past forty years, celebrating Stuttgart’s long history of winemaking.  I was determined to get there this year, especially since I knew Bill had a business trip coming up and my Sunday is bound to be dull.  Though it was pretty hot and very sunny yesterday, we managed to haul ourselves up off the futon and drive to the Herrenberg train station.  We parked the car there and took an uneventful 45 minute ride to the Stadtmitte stop.

Over the past year, Bill and I have gotten very well acquainted with downtown Stuttgart, thanks to my dental implant drama.  Despite that, Bill wasn’t completely sure of the event’s location.  He needn’t have worried.  It was very easy to find the fest, which was in the Schillerplatz, right next to the Markthalle.  Unlike last week’s wine fest in Ulm, the one in Stuttgart didn’t consist of a big area full of tables from different wineries.  Instead, it was more like a bunch of restaurants brought their own temporary buildings!  We left Zane and Arran at home this time, too.

You can walk up and get your wine… 

There were plenty of places to sit yesterday.  The fest was well attended, but not super crowded.  Many booths were offering hearty Swabian fare.  There was plenty of maltaschen, lentils, wurst, potato salad and cabbage.  To be honest, it was so warm yesterday that I was kind of more in the mood for something light.  But I was most in the mood for wine!  We finally settled at a place close to one of the entrances.

Bearded Bill checks out the menu…

I got an obligatory shot of him.

Then I took another because he claims he doesn’t photograph well.  I’m sure his mother will appreciate this.


Before too long, a handsome young man in tight leather shorts and a red checked shirt came over to see what our selections were.  Since it was so hot, we both ordered white wines.  I started with a crisp local sauvignon blanc.  Bill had a local riesling.  I was smart enough to order water, too… hoping to keep any lingering effects of the wine to a minimum today.

I had Cannstatter sausages with potato salad.  This was pretty good, though the sausages reminded me a little of Slim Jims.  They might have been a little overcooked.  It was a bit heavy, though, and I only managed about half.

Bill had a pulled pork salad.  He raved about the pulled pork, which tasted like it was prepared with vinegar.  It had a bit of a sweet essence to it.  Bill was able to eat the whole thing and pronounced it delicious!

Pretty soon, it was time for round two.  I decided to go “on the Offensive”…  Have a look at the wine list below to see what I mean.  😉

Bill tried the “Defensive”… it was a very nice red.  Actually, I liked his red more than my white.  The Offensive was not offensive enough for me.

I take a lot of pictures of Bill when I drink wine.  He’s kind of photo bombing this one, though.  I wanted to get a shot of his Defensive wine, which was really nice.  I might have to look for this one and take it home sometime.

The not so offensive Offensive.


Our location offered the perfect opportunity to people watch.  We saw one newly married couple drive past in a convertible with flowers on the hood.  We saw many hen and stag parties, including one stag party that had the groom to be dressed in a blonde wig and sporting a dirndl.  We heard a lot of drunken singing, too.  I was tempted to join in.

I tried a rose, which I almost never do.  This was light, fruity, and dry…  Very refreshing on such a hot day.  My favorite wine yesterday was the sauvignon blanc.  

At about this point, I noticed an awesome yellow labrador retriever sitting across the way…


I pointed out the chilled out dog to Bill, who then said “Hey!  I know that dog!”  Bill took a closer look and noticed that the table where the dog was sitting was full of his co-workers.  So Bill went over to say hello, while I finished wine #3…

All of the glasses were inscribed…

A duo showed up and started playing music.  One played accordion and the other played guitar.  I was really into it, especially when they launched into an odd version of “Major Tom”.  If you were around in the 80s, you might remember it.  Here’s the German version.  Imagine it being played on guitar and accordion.

Props to those musicians for their creativity.


We finally called for the check and the handsome waiter in the leather shorts came back over to take our money.  We ran up quite a nice sized bill.  I think it was about 85 euros.  My friends will be glad to know that I was the one who said it was time to pay.

I was very tempted to go into this wine bar, but Bill managed to pry me away.

The clock was chiming as I took this photo.

We took the train home, where Bill found a message from his co-workers.  They were still partying and hoped we’d join them!  Maybe next year!  I might even be tempted to don a dirndl next year.


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