Yet another Christmas in Germany!

Merry Christmas to all my readers who celebrate today.  Germany is a lovely place to be at Christmas time, though this year we didn’t manage to hit any of the markets.

We usually have breakfast before we open gifts, but this year we decided to “cut to the chase” early.  I’m glad we did.  Bill got things off to a good start with the very first gift, a bottle of my favorite champagne (Taittinger).  I bought him an Instant Pot, which I had seen a fellow Stuttgart wife singing the praises of recently.  I got him a book to go with the new appliance, as well as a large box of wine glasses, because Bill is forever breaking them!  I probably should have bought him a sippy cup for his wine.

We also got a spiffy new coffee carafe.  We had one for several years that we bought the first time we lived here, but it started to wear out.  We got another one when we moved back, but the quality wasn’t as good.  It has a big dent in it that makes it rock back and forth when you set it on a table.  So I sprang for a nice new carafe that will make sure our Peet’s is at the right temperature.

Thanks, Amazon.de…  the first time we lived here, we bought glasses at Bruenigerland.  I think having them delivered to your doorstep is better.

I told Bill I like jewel tones, so he bought me a pretty rainbow colored wrap.  As I pulled it out of the wrapping paper, I quipped that I like my “gay pride” wrap!  It really is pretty, even if I’m not wearing makeup.  He also bought me blue topaz earrings and a Time Capsule for my computer.

Sorry I’m not done up for this picture.

I thought I bought Bill a flannel shirt, but it turned out I got him pajamas.  He doesn’t usually wear pajamas, but I have to admit they look really snuggly.  I might have to get him to put them on later while we sit around, enjoy wine, and watch bad TV.  That’s what we usually do on Christmas.

(Edited to add…  It turns out LL Bean screwed up.  I had ordered Bill a flannel lined outerwear shirt and they sent us pajamas, which were in the same pattern as a flannel shirt I bought him last year.  He tried them on and likes them, but they’re a bit too long for him.)

He likes them, though, so he’s going to keep them and get them altered.

There are still a few gifts in transit, so I guess the exchange will continue into the new year or beyond, given how APO has been lately.

All in all, it’s been a peaceful morning so far.  Time for breakfast now!


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