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Ten great date night restaurants in or near Stuttgart…

ETA: 8/30/18 

I notice I’m getting a lot of new hits on this old post from 2017.  Please note that restaurants open and close all the time in this area.  I have written newer lists of favorite date restaurants and I hope you’ll take a minute to read about those.  (I am leaving this up for posterity)

Next weekend, we have travel plans that involve yet another trip to France with our dogs, Zane and Arran.  I’m eagerly anticipating our next trip, where we will no doubt load up on wine, cheese, and pastries.  But today, my mind is on date nights near Stuttgart.  Bill and I have been fortunate enough to have had quite a few of them.  Here’s a list of restaurants where I think you and your honey can enjoy a nice night out.  All of these restaurants have been reviewed on this blog, so please do a search if you want to read more.  Also, these restaurants are not necessarily ranked in order because, truthfully, I liked them all for different reasons!

10.  Ocean’s First– Holzgerlingen

Someone in one of the local Facebook groups turned me on to Ocean’s First, a seafood restaurant in Holzgerlingen.  This place, which is decorated to look a bit aquarium like, offers very fresh seafood and other gourmet delights.  There is no freezer on the premises, so what you’re going to find will be whatever can be acquired locally.  Bill and I had a great time at Ocean’s First last May and I enjoyed a huge lobster there, among other things…

Trough o’ crustaceans…


The atmosphere at Ocean’s First is very pleasant and the service is excellent.  If you like seafood, it’s a good bet.  Just don’t expect to find anything really exotic because we are in southern Germany and they don’t freeze their seafood at Ocean’s First.  I have done some checking and it appears that Ocean’s First is closed now.  Their Web site is offline and Google reports that it’s no longer open. 


The restaurant that was Ocean’s First is now a Russian/Former Soviet Union inspired eatery called Veranda.  

9.  Refugio– Tübingen

I discovered Refugio last year while prowling, looking for a nice place to eat.  Refugio is the restaurant at La Casa, a beautiful boutique hotel in Tübingen.  We were very impressed by the impeccable service, beautiful presentation of the food, and lovely ambience at Refugio.  It’s a small dining area, but it’s very tastefully decorated.

Rinderfilet Refugio style…


A bonus is that if you have too much wine, you can always spend the night.  In fact, I would love to do just that sometime.  ETA: Refugio is hosting a special Valentine’s meal this year.  There will be live music, dancing, and a special four course menu.  It’s 69 euros a person.  Click here for more info.  (Bill and I will be dining there on Valentine’s Day!)

8.  Gasthof Krone– Waldenbuch

Gasthof Krone is another restaurant I found on OpenTable, but it enjoys a great reputation among locals.  The food is German and French and the service is outstanding.  The dining area is a bit cozy; it does have the look of a gasthaus, after all, but we had a lovely date in Waldenbuch, mainly thanks to this gem of a restaurant.

A fabulous tuna starter at Gasthof Krone!

7.  Five– Stuttgart

We went to Five in Stuttgart for our 13th wedding anniversary in November 2015.  Bill was very much enchanted by the cool decor.  They offered us a novel “mystery menu”, which was a lot of fun.  Basically, they served us several surprise courses after we told them of any foods we couldn’t eat (for me, it’s mushrooms).  Those who aren’t as brave can order off the menu.  This is not a cheap place to eat, but the food is very good and beautifully presented.  It’s a great place for a date.

An example of dessert.  They also served a “pre-dessert”…  Come here with an appetite!

6.  Cube– Stuttgart

We just had our first meal at Cube this week.  I have seen it repeatedly suggested as a good place for a date in downtown Stuttgart.  Having now seen the famous view of the Schlossplatz, I can agree that it’s a pretty nice place to eat.  Reservations are a must, but you will enjoy very good food, competent service, and an impressive view of Stuttgart.

Duck for lunch?  Why not!

5.  Im Gärtle- Entringen

This lovely little place is in the little town of Entringen, which is between Herrenberg and Tübingen.  It sits on top of a hill overlooking the town and includes a small art museum.  Bill and I have eaten there twice.  Our first time was last year on Valentine’s Day, where we truly did enjoy a date night.  The last time was a few weeks ago for lunch on a Saturday.  Both times we were left very impressed by the food, the ambience, and the friendly service.  It’s an especially great place to go if you like art.

Delightful herb encrusted salmon in the garden…

4. Christophorus– Stuttgart

Christophorus is a restaurant located in the Porsche Museum.  It offers excellent USDA beef and amazing service.  Reservations are a must at Christophorus; you can make them through  This a great place to go if you want to impress someone or want to celebrate, though be prepared to drop some major euros!  Tables are nicely spaced, so you can enjoy some intimacy with your sweetheart.

Magnificent steak at Christophorus.  The service is outstanding and if you like beef, this is a good place to be.  There are other options on the menu for non beef eaters.

3. Osteria da Gino– Nagold

Osteria da Gino is a small, intimate place run by a very charming Italian man and his family.  Do not go to see Gino wanting pizza; none is served in his restaurant.  Instead, he will impress you with many courses of amazing Italian food.  If you are looking for intimacy, I would recommend saving Gino’s for a summer evening, when you can dine outside.  During the colder months, you may find yourself sharing a table with another couple.  However, the last time Bill and I went to Gino’s, we ended up having a great time meeting a French/German couple who had come into town to visit relatives.  We are long overdue for another visit!  Make a reservation.

One of Gino’s wonderful pasta dishes… and one of several courses.  When we visit, we usually let him take charge and he brings out whatever…  It’s really unique and awesome!  The food is out of this world.

2. Luz Bistro Bar/Alte Post– Nagold

This is another nice and very comfortable restaurant in Nagold.  We have never needed to reserve a table at Luz Bistro Bar, but we have also never gone away disappointed.  The Alte Post is a more formal dining room that we haven’t yet tried, but have plans to try very soon.  Service is uniformly excellent; there’s a nice wine list, and the food is creatively prepared and very appealing.  It’s also a rather casual place, so there’s no need to dress up (unless you try the more formal dining room).  (Please note: this restaurant is now CLOSED)

Delicious braised pork at Luz Bistro Bar.  This was offered at lunchtime.

1. Talblick Gourmetrestaurant– Wildberg

Finally, there is Talblick Gourmetrestaurant, which is part of a larger gasthaus restaurant in Wildberg (sort of a sub restaurant, if you will).  Bill tried for months to get a reservation at Talblick Gourmetrestaurant and finally succeeded in June.  Word to the wise.  There is no air conditioning in the dining room where this sub restaurant is, so you should try to book it during the cooler time of the year.  However, the food is astonishing.  Prepare to spend an evening dropping lots of euros but being amazed by the creativity of the chef.  When we dined, we had the whole dining room to ourselves.  This gasthaus also has another restaurant that serves more traditional food.  You must make reservations for either.

Just ONE of the many beautiful photos I got of the beautiful food at Talblick…  If you like food that looks like art, I highly recommend trying this restaurant.  It’s truly amazing.  And yes, you can spend the night if you need to.  It’s also a hotel.


I’m sure there are many other great date restaurants that haven’t made this list.  I wanted to keep this post a reasonable length.  Rest assured, I’m doing my best to work through the amazing places to eat in and around Stuttgart.  Stay tuned for more reviews in 2017.


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