Running away to Ribeauville, France… part four (very pet friendly and final thoughts)

I wish we’d had the chance to stay a little longer and do a little more.  I’m not sure I would necessarily recommend visiting Ribeauville in the dead of winter unless you just want peace and quiet.  The town was a bit devoid of people during our stay.  On the other hand, if you like quiet coupled with a change of pace, January might be the perfect time to see this very charming town on the Alsatian wine route.  As much as I liked Riquewihr, which we visited during the summer, I think I prefer Ribeauville.  It doesn’t seem as touristy as Riquewihr does.  Besides, if the weather had been better, we could have walked to Riquewihr.  It’s only four kilometers away.


Bill and I made a pact as we were leaving that we’d try to get back to Alsace soon… and try more restaurants, visit more places, and even enjoy how dog friendly the whole area is.  France strikes me as more dog friendly as a whole than even a lot of places in Germany.  We even met another beagle during our first walk.  I think the owner was perplexed when he did a “package check” and noticed our dogs are missing their balls.  I don’t think spaying and neutering is as much of a thing in Europe as it is in the USA.  And in France, it seems especially odd.  Twice, we’ve been there with our dogs and people have been confused by our dogs’ lack of testicles.  It makes for interesting conversations in our pitiful French.

This sign gave us a laugh.


There are plenty of waste receptacles and bags…  

And if you cross this bridge on the edge of town, you will find grass.

As we drove on B28 back to Germany, it became clear that we missed a big snowstorm.  Where we were, there were just low temperatures and constant flurries.  The drive back home was absolutely gorgeous, though… especially in the spa towns we passed through on the way toward Freudenstadt.  I wanted to stop, check into a hotel, drink mulled wine, and have a couple of treatments.

I wish I could have gotten more pictures of this… it was just gorgeous with all the evergreens heavy with snow.

According to this truck, Christ lives!


We are indeed blessed to get to live in such a beautiful area in Germany so close to such a beautiful and different area of France.  If you have the time and the means, I highly recommend a visit to Ribeauville or Riquewihr.  They are both lovely towns, especially if you enjoy wine and good food.  By all means, bring your dogs!


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