Good Friday photos…

I just took the dogs for a walk and pondered life as I took in how beautiful our neighborhood is.  I feel slightly less apprehensive today.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that it’s Good Friday, even though I am not a particularly religious person.  I feel rather peaceful, actually…

Anyway, I took a few pictures that I thought I’d share.  Everything’s blooming and we have heavy clouds, although some sunshine is peeking through.  The sky is an endless source of entertainment where I live.  These first pictures were taken with my horribly obsolete iPhone.

The sunbeams are reaching down to the Earth…  Seems especially appropriate today.

I wish I had brought my new camera with me.  I bet I could have gotten some great shots.

Tomorrow, or maybe later today, I expect this cross will be shrouded.

I took a different route and noticed how pretty the view is, even when there are clouds.

The beams were starting to fade… 

I expect this picture will make a good stock photo for a future post about moving on.


I took a few more photos with my new camera.  It occurred to me as I was taking these that I finally broke down and got a camera with European specs.  Now it’s possible I’ll have to move in a few months.  *Sigh*

Pretty soon, that whole field will be yellow with rapeseed and I will be in allergy hell.

The zoom lens on my new camera is pretty nice.  I don’t live close to the cross, literally or figuratively.

And the speed is good, too.  I managed to catch birds in flight.


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