How to change your language settings on Vodafone…

Many thanks to local Facebook group member Mary, who started a thread about changing language settings on Vodafone.  Finally, after almost three years of struggling with German text messages, I am able to get my messages in English.

Since I know I have many readers in the military community who face the same problem, I have decided to write a quick blog post with instructions for future reference.  It’s not hard at all, even though I realize that it’s good for me to read stuff in German.

Step one: Call 22044.

Step two: When the recording answers, press 5.

Step three: You will hear a menu.  To get to language preferences, press 3.

Step four: Press 1 for English.

That should do it.  I just called again and for the first time ever, got everything in English.  Alternatively, you can ask the Vodafone rep to fix your settings for you, but that won’t get you the same feeling of accomplishment!


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  1. Hello! I am so happy to find your blog! My husband and I (and the dog) may be moving to Stuttgart for the same reason. I found your blog about the Lufthansa flights and it was very helpful, I feel much better now about moving our fur baby. I have never lived out of the country but I am excited to get the chance. Have you heard anything about your contract,if you are staying? If so I would love to keep in touch if we actually make the move this summer. Best of luck,KR

  2. Hi Keri,I have high hopes that we'll stay, but you never know. In any case, I will keep writing! Good luck to you. Germany is wonderful. We don't want to go.

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