I needed a vacation like nobody’s business… Restaurants with character and rainy Friday afternoons… Part 3

After a fitful night’s sleep on Thursday, we woke to cloudy skies on Friday morning.  Bill went to the store and picked up some bread, eggs, juice, and prosciutto.  We ate a leisurely breakfast, complete with the Peet’s coffee we brought with us.

Unfortunately, Bill’s Friday morning got off to a rough start.  He had taken the dogs out for a pee break before the sun had completely risen and lost his footing on the steps.  He took a spill and turned his ankle.  He hobbled around the apartment, complaining a little about the pain.  I went into the bedroom to do some reading while he nursed his ankle.  In the course of reading, I dozed off and took a short nap.

Later, we managed to take the boys for a short walk, where we caught the first views of Domaso not originating from our terrace.

The first time we encountered a sign directing us left or right.  We decided to go left, which took us up a cobbled path that offered lovely views.


Despite the clouds, I was enchanted by this scene.


Then I spotted this king-like donkey and was reminded of my old friend in France…


I had to get another shot.  Wish I’d brought my regular camera, so I could have zoomed in.


In some ways, I think the clouds made the scenery even more breathtaking.

A steep walk down to the town, which we didn’t brave.  There is a more gently sloping walk a bit past this that is much easier on the knees!


The local church!

After we put the dogs back in the house, Bill and I took our first walk to town.  We decided to have lunch at Trattoria Ruffino, which got fairly good ratings on TripAdvisor.  As the sky threatened to open, we walked into the restaurant, which was tucked into an alcove off the main drag.  I knew it was going to be a good lunch when I saw all the locals pouring in.  The proprietors had set out some fish next to a large fireplace, which was burning brightly.

This place is a bit tucked away…

Bill looks at the fish heavy menu.  Since we were right next to Lake Como, fish dishes were available everywhere.


Our waitress spoke heavily Italian accented English and offered us fish prepared many different ways.  I had a mixed grill of three different types of fish, caught fresh from the lake.

That fireplace was where the fish were cooked… and it made the dining room a bit smokey. 


We had bread, water, and a large carafe of local white wine.


Bill ordered a salad and it was enough for both of us.


So were the fries.


Three kinds of fresh fish!


Bill got only one kind.


After a leisurely lunch spent observing the locals engaging in lively banter, we decided to have dessert.  I have never regretted ordering dessert in Italy and this time was no exception.

Bill had the “house tart”, which was made with strawberries and tasted uncannily like a very fresh version of the Toastettes that we could still get in the 70s and 80s.  


I had a dark chocolate tartufo– basically rich chocolate ice cream covered in cocoa.  Our meal cost about 55 euros.  Consider how much we got for that price!  Especially since the day before, we spent 28 Swiss Francs


The charming outside area.  No one sat out there on Friday because it was raining.

We stopped by the toilet… which was one of these old style squat jobs.  Yes, this bathroom is unisex, too!  How progressive!

A stormy scene on the main drag!


We passed a couple of friendly pets on the way back.  That dog’s name was Phyllo and he never missed a chance to greet us with barking as we passed.  When Arran offered his chicken bark, the Italian ladies laughed!  It was kind of refreshing.  Here in Germany, we often get disapproving stares when the boys bark!


Because Bill’s foot was hurting, we decided to stay in on Friday night.  We listened to music and drank wine all evening!  Our lunch was enough to tide us over until Saturday morning.

And I took more pictures, too… these were a few of the better ones.


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