There’s a big nature park behind our house.  Lots of trees and plants have signs on them in German identifying what they are.  Recently I noticed a new structure…

This “insect hotel” was built a couple of months ago.  Originally, I thought it was just for bees, but I guess it’s for all the little winged and six legged critters.  The colorful sign on the front is a new development.  I have been sick all week, but I hadn’t seen it before today.

And it looks like they are identifying birds, too…


I have to admit, I have been more conscious about bugs since we’ve lived here again.  It’s illegal to kill bees in Germany, so I’ve found myself taking a gentler approach for insects in general.  Except houseflies…  They are welcome to be eaten by Arran or killed by Bill.

Our house is one of the few I know of that actually has screens on some of the windows.  That’s a very rare thing in Germany.  They haven’t gotten the memo that screens keep bugs out of the house.  I’m not sure why my landlords installed screens.  Maybe it’s because they keep hosting Americans in their house, which is admittedly a pretty weird structure.  It was originally intended to be two apartments and has two rooms that are pretty much useless.  It’s fine for a couple or a small family, I guess, but we have lived in places with more charm.

On the other hand, we like this town.  We like our neighbors, too.  They even invited us to a BBQ next month– first time in three years!  Sometimes it takes awhile for the locals to warm up!

I’m pretty sure I got a cold from those caving expeditions.  We’ll have to do something relaxing this weekend.


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