Lunch at Panorama Eiscafe & Pizzeria in Nagold…

I thought I was done blogging for today, but Bill and I got hungry after he purchased a used freezer and we decided to go to Nagold for lunch.  I am always on the lookout for new places to try and every time we visit Nagold, I notice the Panorama Eiscafe & Pizzeria is always packed.  Today, we happened to park right next to the restaurant, so we decided to have lunch there.

Bill checks out the menu.

When we arrived, it was just before 1:00pm.  Most of the tables were free for the taking, although a lot of people were getting ice cream to go.  We sat down at a table and decided what we wanted.  A shy looking girl approached and took our drink order, then came back a few minutes later for our lunch orders.  This restaurant seems to specialize on amazing ice cream creations, but they also have a lot of pizza, salads, soups, and pasta selections.  I settled on Tagliatelle Salmone and Bill had Tagliatelle with mozzarella, basil, cream sauce, and tomatoes.  I talked him into ordering it, because it sounded good to me.

I took this during the calm before the storm.

It was fun people watching while we waited for our food.  Lots of people visit this eiscafe every week and they get their ice cream to go.  There’s a sign that says if you get your ice cream to go, you can’t sit at a table.  So people were getting cones and cups of ice cream and sitting on nearby benches.  Lots of kids were frolicking under the trees, chasing pigeons, and dropping ice cream.  Nagold is a very kid (and dog) friendly town.

When our food arrived, Bill got his dish.  Mine appeared to be baked rigatoni, which was not what I ordered.  The very sweet food runner was quick to pick up the rigatoni (which actually looked fabulous– might have to get that next time) and bring me the Tagliatelle Salmone I ordered.

Bill’s colorful pasta dish…

And mine…. Both of these dishes were priced at less than 10 euros. 


I had big plans of getting ice cream today, but as it was, I only managed about half of this pasta dish.  Bill also only got through half of his lunch.  I ended up having beer for dessert, while Bill had an espresso.  I was really sad that I was too full for ice cream.  Some of what I saw people eating was truly magnificent.  Unfortunately, I just can’t eat that much… and I really shouldn’t, given the beer baby that’s been growing for years.

I was very impressed by how pleasant the food runner was.  She smiled at us and spoke some English when it became clear that we aren’t Germans.  She seemed genuinely interested in whether or not we enjoyed our meals.  I found her very charming and it was easy to forget that she accidentally brought me the wrong dish.  I can see why this particular restaurant draws a crowd every weekend.

I still wish I had room for ice cream, but I know it’s better that I skip it…  If you happen to be in or near Nagold, the Panorama Eiscafe and Pizzeria is a nice place for a reasonably priced lunch.  Every time I go to Nagold, I like it more.  I’m shocked that we never discovered it the first time we lived here.  I’m glad we got to come back and enjoy its many charms.


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