Dinner at Del Sole in Herrenberg…

After a successful first week with his new company, Bill was ready to celebrate over a nice dinner.  We decided to go to Herrenberg and try a restaurant we’ve walked past many times.  Ristorante Del Sole is located on Seestraße, a main artery of Herrenberg.  We parked across the street near the Edeka, but there’s also a large parking lot next to the restaurant.

Bill checks out the posted menu.  This restaurant offers the usual pizza, pasta, and salads, as well as fish, meat, and veal dishes.

Del Sole has a nice dining room, but we opted to sit outside and enjoy the unseasonably cool temperatures.  A bunch of German guys were sitting at a large table near us.  They appeared to be regulars.  There were also a few couples and I noticed several tables were reserved.  An older lady who seemed to be the proprietor was joking around with the table full of guys as if she knew them well.  I always take it as a good sign when a restaurant has regulars who are on good terms with the staff.

Bill checks out the menu.  I made him laugh by singing the Swanson TV dinner jingle to him… “How do you handle a hungry man?  A manhandler!”

I went for the grilled shimp…   This was very simply prepared with garlic and white wine.  I kind of wished for Wet Naps as I peeled the shrimp, but I was impressed by the size and quality of this dish.  I had no trouble sharing shrimp with Bill.

It came with a large plate of perfectly cooked spinach with plenty of garlic.  Again, plenty to share!  I can only take so much spinach in one sitting.

Bill had the scallopine al limone– veal medallions with oven baked potato slices and lemon sauce.  I don’t like to eat veal, so I didn’t try this.  Bill said it was very tender.  I did try the potatoes, which had some of the very tasty lemon sauce on them.  It was very fresh and zesty!

We also got a generous basket of bread made from pizza dough.  We also had a glass each of an Italian red wine that tasted of cherries and we shared a bottle of San Pellegrino.  


Service was competent and professional, although we did have to signal the waitress when we wanted to pay.  The bill came to about 46 euros and the waitress was very pleasantly surprised when Bill rounded up to fifty euros.  I was impressed by how good the pizzas smelled and looked.  We’ll have to go back and try them again.

Overall, Bill and I both enjoyed Del Sole, especially the very pleasant biergarten in the back.  I can see why they have a local following.  If you’re in Herrenberg and looking for good a pleasant Italian restaurant, Del Sole isn’t a bad choice… at least based on this first visit.


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