Feasting at food trucks in wonderful Weil der Stadt…

Before I get too cranked up with today’s blog post, allow me to apologize to my readers in Germany.  I became aware of this weekend’s food truck festival in Weil der Stadt yesterday, but did not visit it until today.  So, I’m afraid this blog post serves only as a report and not an opportunity for my local readers to head over to the fest, which ends at 7:00pm tonight.  We would have gone yesterday, but Bill and I are still struggling with the nasty cold we both picked up in Scotland and Northern Ireland last week.

Now that I’ve apologized, allow me to offer sincere gratitude to Stuttgart Food and Wine Lovers member Stephanie, who alerted me (and other group members) to the fest in the first place.  I had no idea it was going on and she was kind enough to post about it in our Facebook group.  Bill and I had a good time today.  We ate delicious food, listened to good music, and I drank too much beer.  We also ran into a couple we sorta know.  One of Bill’s coworkers and his wife and daughter were also at the fest today and we had a brief chat.  At the very least, this posting will serve as an alert to be looking for these types of events.  They are a lot of fun, even if parking is a pain.

Here’s Bill buying a couple of beers.  We scored a stand up table near the stage.

This was one of the emptier tables at the fest today.

Lots of good food was being offered and quite a few shops were open.

There was a car show going on.  Mercedes was in the house…

We happen to be about ready to start car shopping.  Bill wants a luxury SUV.

But this is more my speed.

Weil der Stadt has a really nice Feinkost (gourmet food store).  We stopped in and I took a few pictures, but we didn’t buy anything.  I was tempted, though…

Bill probably would have appreciated some of the cheeses.

But this is more my speed.

And so is this.

If you happen to be in Weil der Stadt, here’s the shop’s sign.  

Lots of exotic foods were available.  They had Mexican food…


Spanish food… Hungarian food… pulled pork… African and Indian food…

German beer.

Crowd pleasing entertainment…

And stuff for vegans and vegetarians…

Weil der Stadt has a nice rathaus, which has a public toilet.  What a blessing.  I felt sorry for the Klofrau.

This dude was half of the duo, Birds of a Feather.  They were pretty good, and that’s saying something, because I tend to be pretty critical when it comes to musicians.

Sound check…

Sounding fine.  Here they are singing “Jolene”, but I also heard them cover songs by the Eagles, the Dixie Chicks, and even Pink Floyd.  They did very well.  Of course, I was wanting to go home and make music myself.  Maybe tomorrow, the snot will be gone and I will be able to sing again.

Bill found us some very good empanadas.  These were excellent, paired with mild salsa and fresh lime and filled with meat.

He also scored some super delicious shashlik.  I think this was pork, which seems strange since there were Turks selling it.  

He got me a Grand Marnier crepe for dessert…

And barbacoa for himself.  This was very good, too, much like roast beef with cheddar cheese in a corn tortilla.  


We decided to leave after Bill was finished with his barbacoa, since I knew the three beers I drank would be filtered through my kidneys sooner rather than later.  It was also dinner time for the dogs.  I have to admit, after a couple of hours at a German fest, I found myself feeling a lot less testy than I had been going out.  I probably ought to go to more German fests, even though I don’t love crowds or annoying parking situations.  We ended up parking at the train station, which was handy.

Either way, we need to spend more time in Weil der Stadt.  I can see why so many Americans love this town.  It has a lot to offer and it’s very attractive.  If we’re still here a year from now, we’ll have to go to this fest again.  It was a blast!

All roads lead to Weil der Stadt!


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