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Friday night, we enjoyed our second of three dinners at Hotel Les Grillons, the main course being a dorade filet.  Bill ordered a dry white wine to accompany it.  I should have included this in part four, but perhaps some people will appreciate a brief post for once!


We started with a pork terrine accompanied by a small green salad and bread.  The terrine reminded me a little bit of Fleischkäse.  It included pistachio nuts and a prune center that worked surprisingly well.  Sweet and salty is often a good combination.

Next, we enjoyed the dorade (sea bream) filet with cabbage and rice.  As you can see, it’s artfully presented with a little balsamic vinegar.

And for dessert, orange scented chocolate mousse.  Naturally, this was my favorite course and probably my favorite of the desserts.  We both skipped the cheese course.


The same family with the two cute little kids sat behind us.  The little boy kept coming over to our table, so I made faces at him.  He responded in a very charming way that makes me think he’ll grow up to be a heartbreaker.  On the other side of us was a group of two friendly couples from Belgium.  I noticed one of the gentlemen made a point of saying good morning in English to us every day.  It’s hard not to be convivial when there’s really good food available.

We were tired (and drunk) enough to call it an early night.  In fact, I think I pretty much went right to sleep as soon as I hit the bed.

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