Lunch at Restaurant Burg in Nagold…

Once again, we thought about visiting the Freibad in Nagold.  Once again, we got a look at the crowds and decided against it.  That meant we needed to find a place for lunch.  We were going to try a place we’d never been before, but were told there was no food today.  So we kept walking and wound up at Restaurant Burg, a lovely family restaurant in Nagold’s center where we’d eaten once before a couple of years ago.

On the way into town… sleepy ducks!


We were lured into their garten, which was advertised as open for lunch.  It was very inviting, with lots of plants and plenty of umbrellas for shade.  It was also well attended today, with plenty of people enjoying hearty local fare.

One of the reasons I like Nagold… has a lot of what I like about Tuebingen without the crowds.

We took one of the few tables that wasn’t reserved.  Bill ordered us a dry white wine and our usual bottle of Spruedel.

I had delicious dorade filets on greens– beautifully prepared Swiss chard, broccoli, and spinach, along with the usual salted, boiled potatoes.  Bill was very excited about the greens.  I was happy to let him share them, because although they were perfectly cooked, there was too much for me!  The fish was also delicious– very fresh and lightly fried.

Bill had homemade raviolis stuffed with spinach and ricotta and dressed with Parmesan cheese, basil and pinenuts.


We really should eat at Restaurant Burg more often.  They lady who runs it is so nice and the food is outstanding.  We also really like the inside, which is very quaint, and the outdoor area with its garden feel.  It was warm today, but there was a nice breeze.  We decided to have dessert.

Bill had a red fruit parfait with vanilla ice cream and berries.

I went with a glass of Italian dessert wine and “cantuccini”, otherwise known as biscotti.  They are twice baked almond cookies that you can dip in the wine (or in coffee, if you’d rather).


I was impressed by how beautifully everything was presented and how most people seemed to be having a really nice time enjoying each other’s company.  It was a very pleasant scene.  The bill came to 59 euros and was well worth the cost.

The outside of Restaurant Burg.

We left just after they closed down lunch.

On the way back to the car, we got mooned by a swan who was looking for food.

Hungry bird!


Baby duck!


The pool was even more crowded when we came back, so we decided to go home and enjoy our new air conditioner, which made last night a lot nicer for sleeping.  I think that was 499 euros well spent.  Wish we’d done that weeks ago.


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