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Since I will soon have different views and different windows, I paid special attention to what was outside today.  The leaves are turning and it’s getting really pretty here, but the weather is still nice.  Lots of people and creatures were enjoying it, as you can see…

It does help to be quick, observant, and have a camera with good zooming capability.  I hope our next home is somewhat out in the country.  I’d rather see this than other people’s roofs and/or motorways…



This bird was circling for several minutes… Made me lose concentration on the shitty Lifetime movie I was watching on YouTube.

It’s easy to watch from my window as lots of planes take off and land.  I’m assuming the ones ascending are leaving Stuttgart, whereas the ones descending might be headed for another airport…  Zurich maybe?  I dunno.

Looks like the Alpirsbacher balloon, which is also in the last picture in this post.  Don’t know if they have more than one.

And finally, it was yet another nice day for balloons.  I’ve seen this one a few times, but I have never zoomed in quite so close.  I have a picture from our first time here that I took in our former backyard. This is something you see a lot of in Germany, but not so often in the United States.  I will miss this view… but who knows what lies ahead when we move?  Maybe it will be better, but I bet it’ll be more expensive.  Oh well.  There’s always a tradeoff.  Glad Bill is employed in Germany… and I will get to write about another part of Germany.


I just hope a few people will still be interested…  

Taken from our backyard in Pfäffingen, back in 2009.  I will miss this area a lot.

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