Wiesbaden, take two… the dog friendly housing quest continues. Part two

I was a bit nervous about our stay at GL Suites.  Check online, and you’ll see this particular property gets some pretty shitty reviews.  I think it’s because people somehow get the idea that the apartments are in downtown Wiesbaden.  The apartment we stayed in was actually in Wiesbaden-Sonnenberg, which is in a residential area on the outskirts of town.  I can see why people hoping to see downtown Wiesbaden would be disappointed in where the apartments are located.  However, for our purposes, the apartment we chose worked out great.

There are two (possibly three if people park tightly and have small cars) free parking spots at the property and plenty of street parking, at least while we were there.  I counted four restaurants within easy walking distance, a bakery, an English speaking veterinarian, and it’s close to Sonneberg, where there’s a cool castle and a huge Edeka with a separate drink market.  Last time we stayed in Wiesbaden, we stayed in a very pet friendly hotel downtown.  Yes, it was nice to be downtown, but when you have dogs, a tiny hotel room is not ideal.  GL Suites wasn’t inexpensive, but it had all the comforts of home and was a lot more practical than the Wiesbaden Town Hotel was.  There’s also public transportation in the neighborhood.

Anyway… we booked apartment one, which came with a whirlpool and a rainfall shower.  We didn’t opt to use the whirlpool.  I was a little tempted last night, but I was also feeling a little under the weather and decided I didn’t want to mess with it.  The rainfall shower was luxurious enough.

Below are some pictures.

Awesome shower and whirlpool!

Living room.  There’s a huge HD TV in there with Sky TV, which gets a few channels in English.

Foyer.  You use an electronic code to access the building and the apartments themselves.

Fully equipped kitchen has an induction stove, oven, and dishwasher.  There’s a table and chairs, too.

Huge fridge and freezer, although I don’t think the water and ice maker work.  They don’t appear to be connected to a water source.

Bedroom.  I think the bed was queen sized.  It was very comfortable.  My only complaint was the street lights outside.  Rolladens or blackout drapes would have been nice, since the lamps shone into the room.  


On the first floor, there’s an infrared sauna, a toilet, a couple of pieces of workout equipment (treadmill and elliptical), and a straw bed.  There’s also a barbecue area where you can grill out and eat al fresco.  Bill took the dogs up there because there’s also a trail where the dogs could easily relieve themselves.

I usually try not to book places that charge pet fees, mainly because I find places that don’t charge fees are less anal retentive about dogs.  I didn’t really have a choice this time, since the Town Hotel was fully booked.  We paid 15 euros per dog per night, so 90 euros… It’s a little steep, since I could have put them in the hunde pension for only a few euros more.  But I doubt I would have been able to book them with Max with such short notice.  It was nice having them, too.  I like having my dogs with me, even if they do hog the bed.

For three nights, we paid about $600 to stay at GL Suites.  I’d book there again, now that I know what to expect.  But I can understand people being irate if they were expecting downtown Wiesbaden.  It’s NOT in downtown Wiesbaden.

Below are a few more pictures of the amenities.

Sauna.  We didn’t use it.

Straw bed.

Exercise equipment.

Coffee and drinks…



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