Ten things I learned in Baden-Baden…

Here’s my obligatory list of things I learned while visiting a new place.  I do this for most places I visit for the first time.  It helps me stay grounded.

10.  Tips are appreciated in Baden-Baden.  Actually, I have found that Germans don’t mind tips at all, but they are especially happy to receive them in Baden-Baden.

9.  Baden-Baden is teeming with people from other places, particularly Russia and France.  These folks apparently have a lot of money.  You can drop many euros in Baden-Baden if you want to shop.

8.  Baden-Baden is part of the “Baden” part of Baden-Wuertemberg.  Stuttgart is in the “Wuertemberg” part of Baden-Wuertemberg.

7.  Baden-Baden reminds me more of Wiesbaden than Stuttgart.  It has a similar vibe and appearance, although there are more mountains there.  I have heard there are many great hiking opportunities in the area.

6.  The Friedrichsbad is a very unusual experience.  It’s old school bathing and you have to do it in the nude.  It’s not for everyone, but personally, I really enjoyed it.

5.  The language of massage is universal.  Russian guys with big, strong hands will straighten out your knots in a heartbeat.

4.  Sometimes, spending a lot of money on a hotel is totally worth it.  Brenners Park is worth it, in my view.

3.  Baden-Baden has museums and art galleries, none of which we got the chance to visit.

2.  It pays to pre-book your spa treatments before you arrive.  Appointments fill up fast.  If your spa panties don’t fit, don’t be ashamed to wear your own underwear.

1.  Caracalla has nothing on the Mineraltherme in Boeblingen.

Yeah… no need to try to wear this butt floss if it doesn’t work for you…  The object of having a massage is to feel comfortable.  These things aren’t comfortable.  I doubt they would have been, even if I had a skinny ass.


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