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We’re about 95% settled now.  Most of the boxes are unpacked and stuff has been mostly put away.  The plumber came over yesterday to replace the faucet in the shower that was so stuck with mineral deposits that we couldn’t turn on the cold water.  Now I have a rainfall shower that works.

There’s no carpet in this house.  Instead, there are beautiful and surprisingly durable wood floors, that I have covered with new rugs.

The dogs are enjoying their fenced in yard that is secure enough for them to be off lead.  The yard came in handy when the plumber was here yesterday.  My car is enjoying the garage.

Last night, Bill was marveling about how much more he loves the new kitchen.  It has over twice the space, a ceiling fan, and a brand new stove and oven that cook evenly.  We also have a normal sized refrigerator that actually keeps food cool, and a dishwasher that works beautifully.

Monday, we’ll have Internet and German TV.  We didn’t have TV in our last house, but we did the first time we lived here.  We’re switching from Unitymedia to Deutsche Telekom.  This house is actually wired for fiber optic Internet, so that should be a good thing for us.  Even though our new rent is much higher, I feel like we’ve stepped back into the 21st century.

Still, I must admit I loved our old country views and quiet street in Unterjettingen. Wiesbaden has a very different feel and mood to it.  It kind of reminds me of moving from, say, my hometown of Gloucester, Virginia, to Northern Virginia.  Things are more modern up here, but it’s also more crowded and expensive.  But one of our new neighbors came over to meet our dogs.  She has a dog named Levi that she adopted from an American couple.  And even though our landlords live next door, they have been giving us space and privacy.

So far, it’s looking good.  We’ll see how long we get to stay here.  In the meantime, I plan to start blogging about our moving process on Monday or Tuesday.  I look forward to it.  My fingers are itching to type.


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