Venturing into Mainz…

Well, it’s about time we did it.  We finally visited Mainz today for more than just a drive around.  We live maybe twenty minutes from Mainz, which is just over the Rhein River.  I had been wanting to walk around there for awhile, but we never got around to it.  We had such pretty weather today that we decided to go have lunch.

There are things to do in Mainz.  One can visit the Gutenberg Museum, for instance.  Because I’m not such a great student of religious history, I didn’t know the significance of it, so Bill filled me in.  It’s one of the oldest museums about printing in the world.  It’s named after Johanes Gutenberg, who invented the printing press and made printing from movable metal type possible in Western Europe.  It’s because of Gutenberg that Bibles were printed with much more ease.  In the museum, one can see the second Gutenberg Bible, considered one of the world’s most valuable books.

We did not visit any museums today, nor did we see the enormous and impressive cathedral.  Instead, we walked around and I took pictures.  Then we had a somewhat mediocre lunch, especially compared with last week’s glorious repast.  Here’s what I captured in photos.

Welcome to Mainz!  Although it’s just twenty minutes from where we live, Mainz is in a different state.  We cross from Hesse to Rhineland-Palatinate when we visit Mainz.


Mainz has a huge cathedral.  We will someday go inside and check it out.  Today, the weather was too nice.

The cafes were well-attended today.  We have mild temperatures and sun, and everybody seems to want to be outside to enjoy the suddenly pretty weather.


I couldn’t resist taking pictures of all the pretty flowers.  I love pansies.  We’re going to have to get some for our garden.

And this very interesting fountain, that commanded a lot of attention.  My German friend says it’s called the Fastnachtsbrunnen.  It was built in 1967.


We passed this church on the way to where we eventually had lunch.


We stopped at Aposto, a huge chain pizza and pasta place.  A friendly waiter approached us and started speaking German.  Then, quickly taking note of the expressions on our faces, switched to impeccable English.  He was very curious as to where we were from and what we were doing in Mainz… and was even more surprised that we live in Wiesbaden.

We had a view of the theater from where we were sitting.  It was a good place to people watch.


Bill and the menu.  We used German ones, but they do have English menus.

Our waiter brought us wine and a bottle of San Pellegrino.  He beamed when I expressed surprise at seeing ice cubes.  I explained that we like ice in our drinks, but don’t often encounter it in Germany.  I had syrah and Bill had a pinot grigio.  Our waiter was sympathetic to the fact that our German still sucks after so many years living in Germany.  So many people speak English up here.

Ice cubes!  A very rare sighting here.

I had the Tagliatelle Avocado, which was house made tagliatelle with an avocado cheese sauce, cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken strips, and “colorful Kresse”.  It was not bad… a little bland, perhaps.  I had to add salt, Parmesan cheese, and even a dash of pepper, which I almost never do.


Bill had the slightly zestier Rajesh, which was tagliatelle pasta with peppers and chicken strips.  We both liked the pasta.  For those who don’t like pasta, there are plenty of other dishes– everything from pizza to rumpsteak and dorade.


I enjoyed a glass of sauvignon blanc and we split dessert.


This was a lime cream cake with pistachio crust and strawberry/balsamic ice cream.  Balsamic vinegar was drizzled on the plate with “craisins”.  It was topped with candied orange slices.  I liked the ice cream best.


Bill paid the check.  It was about 55 euros.  Then, because the sky was clouding up, we headed home. I would have liked to have done more, but we’ll have the chance later.

Goodbye, Mainz.  I noticed a little beach on the other side of the river.  It looked like a popular spot today, with sunbathers, what appeared to be a cruise ship, and a restaurant.  I have a feeling it will be nice when the weather permanently changes.

Unfortunately, the area just beyond there looks a lot like Route 1 outside of Fort Belvoir… or really the strip near any U.S. Army post.  I did find the mixture of businesses in this complex rather interesting.  You can buy fish, buy a dildo, gamble, get a haircut, and go to church without even having to move your car.

 So far, it looks like April will not be so busy for Bill at work.  We’ll also have longer days now… so stay tuned for more adventures up here in the land of German wines and banks.


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