Community bonding…

Our new town, Breckenheim, has a charming habit of having a wine stand every other week.  We missed the first one two weeks ago, but caught today’s, which started at 6:00pm.  For some reason, the weather is really chilly today… like, it’s colder than a witch’s tit.  I actually wore the new wool sweater I bought from Aran Sweater Market last month, when I was enduring a fit of loneliness and self-pity.  I thought I wouldn’t get a chance to wear it before the winter of 2019…  I was wrong.  It’s freakin’ cold outside tonight.  We only lasted for an hour and a half and had just two glasses of wine.

Here are some photos from our local gathering.  I get the sense that we’ll know more of these people by summer’s end.

Our local church.  Eventually, I will go inside and take photos like a tourist.  I love that it’s so charming.


I took this before we left.  I thought the sweater would be enough, but I had to wear my other wool cardigan because it was so cold.  It’s like one of God’s little jokes.  I need a little sunshine in my life.

We scored a table.  I noticed others coveting our table.  It took over an hour before anyone asked us if they could sit down.  Just before they asked, I told Bill that in BW, someone would have asked awhile ago.

Good turnout… and this was actually before the rush hit.

My husband… in another life, he was a Scottish (or Irish) fisherman.

A shot of our “village”.  It’s a culture shock, because our other German neighborhoods were more rural.  We live a block up from here.

A pano shot, for the extra curious.

Right when things got started.  Our tiny town square.

We never did find it, but I bet by September, we’ll know where to go.

Don’t you think it’s time he changed his profile pic?  I do.

The most elaborate Easter tree I’ve seen.

Bill’s reaction to my filthy sense of humor.  I think we were on our second glass of wine.

A map of our town.  We are not near Stuttgart anymore.

Crown him with many crowns.

I noticed a few people noticing us.  The guy selling wine was brave enough to ask Bill where we’re from.  He mentioned the other American who lives in Breckenheim, on the other side of the village.  I think there might be fewer Americans in this town than in Jettingen, where we lived most recently when we were near Stuttgart.  But this town also has an Air BnB that is apparently popular with Americans.  Both times, when we lived near Stuttgart, we were in somewhat rural areas.  Where we are now is probably somewhat rural for Wiesbaden, but not for Stuttgart.  I am from Virginia, and I often liken it as a move to Northern Virginia as opposed to a move to Richmond.

Still… in some ways, I am liking Wiesbaden a lot.  In others, it’s a little hard to get used to.  One thing I can be grateful for, though, is that this area has some great veterinary talent.  Our former vets in Herrenberg alerted me to the fantastic Tierfklinik Hofheim, which is supposedly among the best in Germany.  We live only about twenty minutes from there now, which was not the case when the Herrenberg vet mentioned this facility to me.  And my German friend, Susanne, who lives near Stuttgart, alerted me to the fact that the vet we’re probably going to use permanently (and have already used once) does IVF for dogs.  He once even went to Dubai to inseminate a dog there with sperm from Australia.

It’s definitely a different world up here.  I look forward to getting to know it better.  Today, Frankfurt’s spring fair begins.  We’ll have to check it out and try some Frankfurt green sauce.


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