Communal wine drinking, take two…

Last night, there was another wine stand in our village.  Although it rained all day, the precipitation stopped by the late afternoon.  Even if it hadn’t stopped, the little “Festplatz” in our village has umbrellas over the tables, and, anyway, many Germans don’t believe in bad weather, just bad clothing.  The weather was warmer than it was two weeks ago, which was nice.

Bill and I stopped in for a couple of glasses.  Here are a few photos.

We got there early enough to get a table.  Once again, it wasn’t until the place filled up that anyone sat with us.  We felt a little like lepers, but I’m sure the locals will come around.  They were selling pretzels and “Fleischkaese” sandwiches last night.  Fleischkaese is basically German style meatloaf, although it reminds me a bit of very high quality Spam.  We stuck with wine.

It’s election time, so there were lots of political posters.

It got pretty busy after about an hour.  I enjoyed watching people mingle.  It’s obviously a lot of the folks in this village are friends, some of whom have been here awhile.  I saw lots of hugging, kissing, and heard plenty of laughter among familiar people.  It was nice to be among such community and people with genuine regard for each other.

Bill looks darling.  I played him my latest recording… a new song I just learned yesterday morning.  I think it doubled as a mating call.  I’ll need to polish it a bit, but I think it’s a keeper… just like he is.

He bought that Sekt for me, but wanted to try it.  It was very tasty, as was the red wine that had an essence of fresh strawberries.  This was actually our second round.

And this was our first.  I had a semi sweet white, while he had more Riesling.  It’s hard to believe we didn’t drink German wines when we came here the first time.  There are some definite good ones.  You just need to pick the right grape varietal.

We would have stayed longer, but we both needed to pee.  Although toilets were available at the local community center, it’s so close to our house that it’s just as easy to go home.  Going home means arousing the dogs.  We have a big day today, anyway, because we’re going to Kaiserslautern to test drive cars.  So it was an early night, but an amusing one.  I’m glad we chose to move to Breckenheim.  Hope we can stay awhile.


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