Another lazy lunch at Little Italy…

I’ve been having some issues with my lower back this weekend.  I think it’s due to the sudden cold snap we’re experiencing.  I have a feeling I’m a little arthritic down there and, when the weather gets chilly, I have more pain.

Anyway, although I really wanted to visit the Kaiser-Friedrich Therme, which is a historic (and nude) Irish-Roman spa here in Wiesbaden, Bill had some more to do with his latest batch of home brew.  So I took a nap with Arran and then we went into town to have a late lunch at Little Italy.  I’ve come to really enjoy this Italian eatery downtown; since October, we’ve been there four times.  Each time, we’ve been really impressed by how good the food is and the professional level of service.

I know I’ve reviewed Little Italy three times already, but I also know I have a few readers who come just to look at pictures of food.  So, to oblige those readers, here’s a look at today’s wonderful meal.

It’s asparagus season in Germany, so I decided to start with an asparagus cream soup with basil oil and a sea scallop.  I love soups, especially when the weather is chilly.  It’s unusually chilly today, so this was a nice way to start the meal.  It was also delicious, with its mild flavor and creamy texture.  I’d love to make this at home.


Bill had the carpaccio, with beef and Parmesan cheese.  I did have a chance to taste this.  It was very fresh and tasty, if you’re into that sort of thing.  I don’t really love carpaccio, though, because raw meat, even if it’s thinly sliced, kind of weirds me out.  He liked it, though, and finished the whole thing.


See how happy he is?  I cracked another joke to get this smile.


Next came our main courses.  I went with the paccheri, which is a type of pasta that is supposed to be shaped like a very large tube.  It tasted homemade and was served with a creamy asparagus and pancetta flavored sauce.  This was very satisfying, reasonably priced, and not too much.


Bill had veal with a side of white asparagus and Hollandaise sauce.  I try not to eat veal, although I like how it tastes.  He said this was excellent.  I did try the asparagus and Hollandaise sauce, which was, of course, excellent.  He especially appreciated that the sauce came on the side.


We took a few minutes to finish our Montepulciano and San Pellegrino, then decided to finish off lunch with dessert.

I had the divine tiramisu, which the owner has told me is the “best in the city”.  Of course he’d say that, although I believe him when he makes that claim.  This was sinfully creamy and light, served with a side of mangoes and pears and some blackberry compote.

Bill had panna cotta.  We both learned to like panna cotta during our first Germany tour together in Stuttgart, from 2007-09.  We love the way they do it at Little Italy, because it’s very creamy, instead of firm and gelatinous.  His dessert was similarly decked out with blackberry compote and mangoes and pears.  It was not too much, either.


The total bill for today’s marvelous lunch was about 125 euros, which is a lot, even for us.  However, it was another leisurely and sumptuous meal, which we kind of live for when we can’t travel.  I’m definitely itching for a real trip somewhere soon, although we will be visiting Stuttgart next weekend.  Stuttgart, of course, feels like home by now.   Hopefully, we won’t have any veterinary surprises this week, so we can enjoy Elton John’s final tour.


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