Welcome back to Stuttgart… part 2– back to the fabulous Waldhotel and dinner at Finch

Back in the summer of 2016, Bill and I discovered Stuttgart’s wonderful Waldhotel, a four star property in Degerloch.  It’s located in a beautifully forested area in Degerloch, right next to the TV Tower, and a Sportsplatz.  We stayed there the first time because we wanted to see Van Morrison in concert and didn’t feel like trying to come all the way back to Unterjettingen from Stuttgart late at night.  We enjoyed the experience so much that, counting this past weekend, we’ve been back four times.  They’ve hosted us for Van Morrison in 2016, Sting’s March 2017 show at the Porsche Arena, The Rollings Stones’ June 2018 show at the Mercedes-Benz Arena, and now for Elton John’s show.

So far, we’ve only gone to Waldhotel when we’ve had concerts planned downtown, but I can see us staying again whenever we have business in Stuttgart.  Waldhotel is very convenient to the U-Bahn, yet in a quiet, scenic area.  The staff is friendly and service-oriented, and the facilities are beautiful.

I booked the hotel via Expedia.com a few months ago.  Since we had stuff to do besides seeing Elton John, we stayed three nights.  I usually book their Superior rooms, but I decided this time, I wanted to try something different.  I upgraded us to their Junior Suite.  The Waldhotel used to be smaller than it is now; the superior rooms are in the new part of the hotel.  The classic rooms and the junior suite are in the older part.  Although the price difference wasn’t insignificant, I really wanted to see another part of the hotel, and let’s face it.  I’d rather upgrade than downgrade.  Waldhotel also has a suite, but I thought that would be overkill.

We were warmly welcomed as we checked in.  A staffer showed us the suite, since it’s a bit unique.  To reach it, you open a door that is common to room 500 and 502.  502 is the junior suite and, to reach it, you have to climb a small staircase.  I think the room also connects to room 500.  There was a mysterious stairway in the junior suite, but since we didn’t rent room 500, we didn’t have access.  It looked like a really small bedroom comparatively speaking.  I’ll admit I only got a peek when the housekeeper was cleaning it.  Edited to add: my German friend says that room 500 is a little room connected with the junior suite that can be booked for children.  I guess they don’t rent it to people not in the junior suite.

Anyway, here are some pictures of our fabulous room!

Room 502… at the top of a small staircase.


As the receptionist was showing us the features of the room, I mentioned that we’d been to the hotel a few times and this was the first time I hadn’t booked the superior room.  It was strictly because I wanted to see another room.  The superior rooms are excellent… I especially love the showers in them, which I think are even better than the one in the junior suite.  They have this large “square of water” and mood lighting.  On the other hand, they don’t boast an enormous bathtub that can accommodate two adults…

This bathtub was the bomb!  Bill and I were both able to enjoy it… at the same time!

A view of the suite from the behind the tub.  It’s very comfortable.

Nice bed!  I missed the headboard, though.  The superior rooms have them.

In the sitting room.  Two couches, a little desk, a full sized mirror, and a credenza for tea and coffee.


One of the views from the windows….  All of the windows are shaped the same and, to be honest, the views aren’t great because the windows are small.  They each have covers on them that can be used to block out light.

The TV emerges from the console.  Just push a button.  There’s also a small fridge with apple juice, orange juice, water, and beer.  It’s free, even in the lesser rooms.

The WC.  It’s a bit of a walk from the bed, but very comfortable.  I scowl at the square toilet seat.  We are replacing the one in our house and those things are expensive!  If I ever have my own house, I will not have a square toilet seat!


The shower room.  It’s large and the shower is nice, but it’s not quite as awesome as the showers in the newer part of the hotel.


His and her sinks.  There’s another sink just like it on the other side.


A nice vanity for the ladies.


Mysterious stairway.


They brought us a lovely welcome treat.  Riesling, fruit, and chocolates!  That will win me over every time!


We never did turn on the TV.


The receptionist kindly made reservations at the hotel’s restaurant, Finch, for 7:00pm.  We’ve eaten at Finch a few times.  It’s always a lovely experience, albeit somewhat expensive.  Here are some pictures from our Thursday night dinner.

We started at the bar, where the Waldhotel’s awesome Italian bartender, Angelo, was waiting for us.  Every time we’ve stayed at the Waldhotel, he’s been there.  He makes a mean cocktail, and he’s very charming too.  I had a gin and tonic.

Bill had a Campari and soda.


When we were finished with our drinks, we went to the restaurant and sat in one of its very impressive and private booths.  The food is nice at Finch, but I have to admit to loving their booths, which are totally enclosed and offer a view of the terrace.

Deciding on dinner.  


Bill selected this lovely Chilean red, made from grapes that came from vines imported from France.  The French version of these grapes are almost “extinct”, due to an infestation of phylloxera, but have become one of Chile’s most important grape varietals.  After the infestation, French vintners opted to grow grapes that were easier to tend.  I really enjoyed the Carmenere, which had a distinctive peppery flavor that somehow also reminded me of very fresh Concord grapes, minus the sweetness.  I would order this again.  It’s considered a “cousin” of Merlot, but it didn’t remind me of Merlot.


Out came the bread and butter…


Then the amuse.  This was very fresh salmon.  Since we both opted for lighter fare, the waitress asked if we were vegetarians!  I don’t get asked that very often!


I started with a delicious vegetarian Thai-Curry-Asparagus soup.  It was garnished with peanuts and passion fruit. 

Bill had marinated burrata, which was creamy cheese, green asparagus, mango, pine nuts, balsamic vinegar, and plum tomatoes.  He loved it!  I am getting braver about cheese lately and even I enjoyed a taste of this.


For my main course, I had risotto with saffron, white asparagus, half dried potatoes, and grilled prawns.  The risotto was perfect, but I wanted to save room for dessert.

Bill had the asparagus tart, which was vegetarian.  It was made with soy yogurt, smoked tofu, and cashews, as well as a wild herb salad.  He really enjoyed it.  I was feeling pretty virtuous about dinner, but then it was time for the happy ending.


I had semi-sweet chocolate mousse with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, raspberries and meringue.  It was a generous serving, but I managed it.

Bill had the passion fruit cheesecake with coconut praline and passion fruit ice cream.  He said it was just the perfect size and very delicious.

Finch’s food is usually very good and Thursday night was no exception.  They change the menu routinely, so it’s worth repeat visits to see what they have to offer.

After we ate, we went back to the room.  I found a nice letter from the manager thanking me for staying again.  The housekeeper had kindly left us some very soothing tea and cookies and turned down the bed for us.  All in all, it was a nice way to start off our visit.


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