We meant to go out…

But Bill got caught up in Saturday chores and I got caught up searching for hotels for our next big trip.  We’re going to Sweden at the end of June to get our new car, and that will necessitate a road trip back to Germany.  So I spent some time this morning looking for hotels in Copenhagen and Rostock. We will end in Leipzig, since that is where we’re going to catch Mark Knopfler in concert.

By the time I gave up my search, it was early afternoon and time for lunch.  Bill had brought home Weiss Wurst (white sausages) because I had a craving for them yesterday.  So we decided to have that for lunch, then started listening to an old box set by Elton John… augmented by playtime with the dogs.

He baked cookies.

German style chocolate chips.

Before we knew it, it was dinner time.  We had potato skins leftover from the killer baked potato soup Bill made a couple of weeks ago.  Now it’s almost 9:00pm, and I’m remembering that a week ago, I was sitting in an arena in Stuttgart, watching Elton John perform.  I probably won’t have that chance again.

Maybe tomorrow, we’ll get out and do something…  Tonight, it sounds like it’s about to storm.  We could use a cheap day, too.  Been spending a lot of money lately.

I do, at least, have our hotel in Gothenburg booked.


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