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We finally had nice weather for our local wine stand, which happens every other week and is run by a different club each time.  We missed the last one because we were in Stuttgart, but managed to make it last night.  It was better attended than the others we’ve been to, probably because the sun was out for a little while and the temperatures were warmer.

Sorta sunny?  I like the town church.


Because more people attended last night, we were quickly joined by a group of elderly neighbors who did not speak much English.  Bill and I both had a chance to speak a little bit of German and our neighbors graciously accommodated us.  It was a lot of fun.  I really like the wine stand tradition up here in German wine country.

An obligatory shot of Bill before it got too busy.  People came in droves with a few minutes of this shot.

Even the dogs were having a good time.

It’s all wine, all the time.  Not a beer in sight!

At some point, I dropped my phone and the back of it got cracked.  I think Bill was dismayed.  He’s going to find me a cover for it.

As things were winding down…

We had a nice time last night.  I think we may have made a few new friends, too.  Maybe I’ll even manage to learn a bit more German.

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