The Eagles sure didn’t stink in Cologne… part 6

Finally, it was Wednesday morning, time to head back to Wiesbaden.  We were blessed with glorious weather and checkout wasn’t until 1:00pm.  After another breakfast at the hotel, we hung out in the room until about 12:30pm.  In retrospect, we probably should have gone to another museum, but I kind of didn’t feel like it.  We checked out and left our bags at the hotel, then took a walk down to the Rhein River, where we caught a one hour cruise.  The descriptions of what we were seeing were in German and English.  I wished we had a little more time to take a longer cruise, although the one we took was very nice.  I got lots of pictures as well as ideas of what to do and where to go if and when we visit Cologne again.

A couple of shots of Bill as we cruised.  I noticed several big name river cruise companies, like Viking and Scenic.


I took a lot of these photos with my Canon Power Shot camera, which is kind of big and bulky, but has some cool artsy settings.  I don’t use it as often as I should, mainly because it’s so bulky.

The chocolate museum.  I’m really sorry we missed this.  Well, maybe not sorry in that I didn’t eat chocolate, which is a good thing…  But I do want to go there sometime.

Interesting turquoise lights under the bridge.

A female bagpiper was playing “Highland Cathedral”, which was our wedding march.  We dropped a few euros for her.

This airship was going back and forth over the train station.  I heard one German man yell out, “Die Hindenburg!” as it passed.

We stopped by a brewery restaurant called Früh am Dom.  It had a vibe somewhat similar to Gaffel am Dom, and a somewhat similar menu, as well as very reasonable prices.

I had Haxnfleisch, which is meat sliced from a pork knuckle rather than the whole knuckle (which I can never finish).  It came with green beans cooked with bacon and a side of fried potatoes, pictured below.

Bill went with a big sausage.

One last look at the hotel…

One last Dom pic.

Goodbye, Cologne.

A couple of shots of the countryside as we sped toward home.

We picked up the car at Frankfurt Airport after a totally painless train ride back from Cologne.  When we got to the Tierpension Birkenhof to pick up the dogs, they were in a pen with a few other beagles. Arran saw us first.  I think he wanted to make sure it was us before he started bugling.  I didn’t say anything this time, so it took him a minute to make sure.  I’m sure the familiar aroma gave me away, anyway.  He started howling, which got Zane going.  As we were waiting for the lady to get them for us, more people showed up and watched as Zane came barreling to me and jumped on my new white pants.  Oh well… they’re basically glorified sweatpants, anyway.

Although we were only gone two nights, the boys both insisted on sleeping with us last night.  It was kind of crowded in the bed, since Zane was on my feet all night.  Still, I’d call this trip a success.  We really enjoyed Cologne and will have to visit again, even if we don’t see another show.  And if we get another chance to see the Eagles, we’re definitely there.  They are among a few acts I’d pay to see again.

I’d say it was another exciting trip.  Now to prepare for our next trip– from Goethenburg, Sweden to Leipzig, Germany, then back to Wiesbaden with our new Volvo!


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