Off to Gothenburg…

Yesterday, we took a quick flight from Frankfurt to Gothenburg.  Our plane was loaded with kids from Brazil who are here for a handball tournament.  Turns out a lot of people from the tournament are staying at Gothia Towers.  We are in Upper House, which is a five star hotel located within the Gothia Towers.  It’s basically a hotel within a hotel, with a world class spa.

I chose this hotel because of the spa, which looked absolutely wonderful.  Today, we had occasion to get a treatment and spend a couple of hours in the pools.  The towers are located just across the street from Liseberg, an amusement park that was founded in 1923.  I’m kind of attracted to it and would love to walk around it, but Bill hates rides.  So here I sit, writing a quick blog post.  I’ll write a detailed series later, when I’m at home at my desktop computer.

The spa and the room are very nice, though.  We have a nice view of the park and I’ve got some good pictures.  I definitely need to spend more time in Sweden…  We should plan a real vacation here.

Tomorrow, we’ll tour the Volvo factory and pick up our new wheels.  Then we’ll head to Copenhagen for the night.


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