Now we’re in Rostock…

What a cool town this is!!!  Literally, it’s cool here, but it’s also figuratively cool.  Rostock has a lot of fascinating architecture, and it’s right by the Baltic Sea.  We had a pleasant drive through Denmark’s countryside before we took an almost two hour ferry ride across the Baltic Sea to get back to German soil.  We left the Adina Apartment Hotel in Copenhagen bright an early and made it to Rostock in time for check in at the Radisson Blu.

I think I’m going to have to explore Denmark more.  I had been to Copenhagen before last night’s visit– we stopped there ten years ago on a cruise, but I had never seen any other parts of the country.  It’s really pretty, and the ferry is exciting, if not kind of crowded and expensive.

The new car is awesome and continues to surprise us by how smart it is.  I look forward to writing up this trip, because I have a feeling some people would love a series on buying a Volvo via military sales from Germany.  Suffice to say, the experience has mostly been a real pleasure.

So… just a few more days until I write up this trip in detail.


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