Our neighborhood wine gathering…

Last night, our community had another one of its wine stands.  It seemed like there was a different crowd last night as they were selling a locally produced wine.  The first one we tried was called Breckenheim Riesling, which is made right near our neighborhood.

Bill enjoys his first vino… It was made in our town.

The vintner came around with this flyer for his next event.  

As usual, we were joined by more locals… older folks who didn’t know English.  It’s good for me to get out and talk to the locals in my badly fractured German.  I may still sound like a simpleton when I speak German, but listening to others speak it helps me understand more.  It’s even better practice for Bill, who does speak some German.  Last night, we sat with a man from Frankfurt.  He wore a t-shirt from Norway and said that he speaks Norwegian.  He showed us pictures from his latest fishing trip there.  I can’t imagine having this experience in the Stuttgart area.  Down there, it seemed like it took much longer to get to know people.

Another event coming up soon.

Last night’s price list.  We didn’t have any cheese for the pretzels, though.  I was disappointed.  The wines were good… even the red.  I typically like German whites more than reds.

This was an apple Sekt.  We had the rose.  I really enjoyed it.  In fact, I liked it enough that Bill bought a bottle for home.  It had kind of a cherry essence.

The wine stand was well attended last night… standing room only.  We made an arriving couple smile when we gave up our seats to go home for dinner.


One thing I really like about the wine stand is that it brings out the community.  It’s nice to see so many people saying hello and being friendly with each other.  I get the sense many of these people have known each other for a long time.  It’s quite a contrast with Baden-Württemberg, where I found people to be more reserved and chilly, even among locals.

Our local church.  This is another thing I like about Germany in general.  They have local churches like this one.  It’s very communal.  Every day, I hear the bells.

This bee decided to take a sip from my glass.  It’s illegal to kill bees in Germany, so I was happy to let it drink and move on.

The other direction.  I’ve started walking the dogs this way, even though the sidewalks are very narrow and the traffic is formidable.


The next wine stand is in two weeks, but we will be in Scotland.


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