Another great lunch at Martino Kitchen in Wiesbaden…

Bill and I decided to venture into Wiesbaden for lunch. We didn’t have reservations anywhere, so we started walking around the town just to see what we could find. The first thing notable that we passed were three buskers, swarthy men playing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. One guy was playing clarinet; another guy played accordion; and I’m not sure what the other guy played. I was so charmed by the music that I handed Bill a handful of change so he could tip the guys. Some folks don’t like buskers, but I enjoy them when they’re good. I like to tip them, especially when they make me cry. I’m one of those people who gets emotional by good music. It’s probably a good thing I wasn’t a Duggar.

A Holacaust Memorial in Wiesbaden… with an explanation kindly translated into English, too.

We continued walking, but no place really called to me. I smelled something good near a Holocaust Memorial, but never was able to find the source of the pleasant aroma. I spotted an interesting looking Croatian restaurant called Mauritius, but didn’t feel like crossing the street. My back hurt, and it was chilly. I wore a sweater and my Irish cape, which was just enough, but just barely.

We finally started heading back to where we started, and a young woman in a cast passed me and said, “Schöne Poncho.” It took me a minute to realize she was talking to me, and admired my pretty blue cape, which I bought from Aran Sweater Market last spring as consolation when Bill went out of town on business. He’s going away again on Monday, but I have a feeling I’ll be shopping for Christmas presents instead of consolation prizes.

We thought about going to Little Italy for lunch, since it’s become a favorite, but they were very busy. So we rounded the corner, and stopped at Martino Kitchen, where we enjoyed a really nice lunch last spring. I remembered loving the food last time, even if I didn’t love that they have mirrors all over the dining room, so you end up catching glimpses of yourself pigging out.

A kind waiter invited us to sit down at the end of a shared table. We had a look at the menu, which had changed since our last visit. I had some trouble deciding what I wanted. They had a white tomato soup that looked really inviting on such a chilly day. I ended up going with lobster risotto and filet mignon, sitting upon pureed cauliflower with almonds and over baked carrots, along with a glass of Tempranillo.

Bill had the fall version of the smoked salmon carpaccio (I had the spring version in April) and pasta with an Alfredo sauce and black truffles. I don’t enjoy the smell of truffles, so Bill was kind enough to ask me if I minded if he ordered it. Since I could smell it anyway from other tables, I said it was fine with me. He really enjoyed his dish, which he washed down with Rioja.

We ended with cheesecake for me and a mocha banana Napoleon for him.

Here are a few photos from our lunch. It was very good, although I’m not sure I enjoyed it quite as much as I did the first time.

Here are a few other pictures from our walk.

We stopped at AAFES on Hainerberg after we ate. Picked up a few more puzzles for me to do while Bill is gone, and a couple of games to play when the weather gets too yucky for venturing out. Tis’ the season, don’tcha know? The cashier was cracking me up. The guy in front of us had a big widescreen TV and paid $600 in cash. The cashier gave him $51 in change and said, “Go get yourself some Popeye’s”.

When he rang up Bill and me, our total came to $51.80. I said, “Hey, that guy in front of us could have paid for ours, too.”

Then we shared a hearty laugh. Sometimes it’s fun to hang out with fellow Americans on the installation, although I pity the lady who had to use the toilet after I did. Let’s just say, the big lunch had an effect on my bowels… and it was her unlucky day. TMI, I know… I live for being inappropriate. It’s one of my few joys in life.


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