Scenes from the ‘hood…

We have beautiful weather today, so I decided to take Arran for a walk. As usual, I came armed with my camera, just in case anything interesting happened. Sure enough, something did. As I was passing someone’s gate with a crayon drawing on it that read “Wir bleiben zuhause”, Arran suddenly turned. The resident of the house, a middle aged woman with a German Shepherd, was coming out. The pretty female dog started barking and she and Arran touched noses.

The lady went across the street, headed to our usual route. She was speaking German to me, naturally, so I responded, “Entschuldigung. Ich spreche nur ein bisschen Deutsch.” Naturally, she switched to perfect English and explained that her dog always barks at other dogs, but is a friendly female. I could see that. She was a pretty girl!

I wanted to take a photo of the crayon drawing on her gate, but decided not to at that time, because it would look strange. Instead, I took a few other photos…

Then Arran and I went our usual route and passed a few folks. One guy was cutting grass near his garden. Another looked like he’d gone to the Rewe. Another was a young dad with his little girl on her bike. He kind of herded her away from us as we passed. I saw a couple of people responsibly visiting in the main “square” such as it is. They were standing well apart from each other. A neighbor and another guy looked like they were going to do some repair work in the yard.

The weather is getting better and I fear it will be hard to keep people contained for much longer. This is the time of year when people go back to eating al fresco and sitting in Biergartens. Just yesterday, I noticed a neighbor in a bikini, lying in the sun. It was about 50 degrees outside, but she was unfazed, and only went back inside because she got a delivery. The same guy came back about twenty minutes later to bring us a bottle of rum and a new pizza stone. He was sort of wearing a N95 mask. It was around his neck, anyway, kind of hanging down. Looked kind of pointless.

Today, we’re getting a tequila delivery. I am giving some thought to using Duolingo again and, maybe, breaking down and buying a guitar. Gotta do something other than type blog posts, sing songs, and watch bad TV. Although the veterinarian who owns our local practice is a singer and even put a video on Facebook. Good for him! I have not met him yet when we’ve taken our dogs to vet, but if I ever do, maybe we can bond over singing.


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