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Sunday night, we decided to eat at Hotel zur Post again. Although there are other restaurants in Meerfeld, they were mostly connected to hotels. I got the sense that a lot of the hotels offered half board plans, which meant they mainly catered to their guests. I suppose we could have easily tried one, but I enjoyed Friday night’s dinner at the hotel enough that I was okay with trying another evening meal there. After all, the chef has won awards, including accolades from the Michelin Guide. So once we got back to the hotel and got cleaned up, we went down to dinner.

I still wasn’t very hungry after our filling lunch, though I was hoping they would have that amazing wild garlic and smoked salmon soup Bill had on Friday night. I thought maybe I could combine it with the burrata tomato salad they offered as an appetizer and call that dinner. Unfortunately, the soups they were offering on Sunday night didn’t appeal to me. One was a curry soup and the other was a Pfefferlingen (mushroom) soup, which I absolutely would not have touched with a ten foot pole. Bill probably would have loved it.

We skipped the appetizers, since all of the entrees come with a salad from the salad bar. Since we’d already had the mushroom free fish dishes, and I wasn’t wanting pasta again at dinner time, I ended up ordering the rump steak. I don’t usually like to order rump steaks in German restaurants because they’re usually too thick and lean for my liking. I also don’t think most German beef tastes very good. Bill ordered a beef/vegetable roulade. I had been considering that myself, but was glad I didn’t order it when I saw that it came with mushrooms that weren’t noted on the menu. Sorry… I know a lot of people love mushrooms, but I literally have a phobia of them. There are a few foods I won’t eat because they gross me out or don’t taste good. Mushrooms are at the bottom of my list… in fact, that’s one reason I didn’t end up becoming a chef. Who ever heard of a chef who has a phobia of mushrooms?

Anyway… my steak came with fries, which were very good. They reminded me of Belgian frites. Bill’s dish came with croquettes that reminded me of the kind one can find in a grocery store. However, I didn’t try them, so I don’t know if there was anything special about them. They looked like tater tots, but instead of the usual “hashbrown” like filling, they had more of a mashed potato consistency. I do like croquettes, regardless of whether they came from the grocery store or were homemade. Bill ordered another bottle of wine, but we ended up with one twice as expensive as what he’d ordered. It was fine, but slightly effervescent, which I don’t like so much in a red.

As we were having dinner, I noticed a guy at a nearby table giving us the side-eye. I wasn’t sure if it was because we spoke American accented English, or because Bill fetched a very small salad for me. He wanted me to try the potato salad that was available at the salad bar. Maybe the guy wondered if my arms were broken or something. We noticed him giving us the side eye at breakfast, too… Of course, that could have been my imagination coupled with paranoia.

Here are a few photos…

After dinner, we retired to our room and watched a television program that was kind of like a Bavarian version of Hee Haw. There were men and women dressed in Bavarian Tracten– Lederhosen and Dirndls, playing German folk songs. I actually really enjoyed it. It made me wish we could get local TV. The television at the hotel, by the way, got a wide variety of channels, including some in English. They were mostly news channels, but interesting just the same.

On Monday morning, we had one last breakfast. Then, having already loaded up the car, since it was in the private lot on the fourth floor, we checked out, and were ready to head home. The final damage for the three nights in the hotel was 360 euros, but that included breakfast and parking, as well as access to the excellent spa area. We had a good stay at Hotel zur Post and would stay again. Next time, I might look into renting one of their vacation apartments instead. But Meerfeld has several attractive lodging choices, and there are also plenty of other nice hamlets in the Eifel that beg to be explored. You really can’t go wrong with most of them. It just depends on what you’re looking for.

We decided to go a different route, since I had missed the opportunity to get pictures of the Cochem Castle on Sunday afternoon. It was actually a good decision to go the back way home, since we drove through some areas that really reminded me of the Freudenstadt area near the Black Forest. A few times, I almost felt like we were driving near Nagold, and I had a sense of deja vu. Unfortunately, it was raining near Cochem when I got my photos. They turned out alright anyway.

We stopped at a rest area about an hour out from home. A Russian or Bulgarian couple ahead of us were struggling with the pay turnstiles before the restrooms. I probably looked really impatient, since I just wanted to get in and out of there. It was kind of funny, though, listening to the male half of the couple tell his wife to just use coins instead of a card.

Overall, we had a really nice weekend. Meerfeld was a pleasant surprise. It was fun learning a little bit about the volcanic part of Germany, which before our trip, I had never realized existed. The Eifel is very beautiful, and isn’t too far from Wiesbaden or the other military areas in Germany. It is a bit of a haul from Stuttgart, but if you like hiking, biking, swimming, and kid friendly activities, it’s not a bad choice at all. I learned what a maar is, saw lots of beautiful nature, petting and fed some animals, ate good food, and had a change of scenery. I can only recommend it to others!

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