Got my second poke… so far, so good.

I was supposed to get my second dose of the Moderna vaccine on June 9th, having gotten the first one on May 5th. I was actually eligible for the second shot yesterday, though, and my birthday is coming up on the 20th. Since Bill had success getting his second shot a day early last week, we decided to go to the post in Wiesbaden to see if I could get the second shot early. That way, I’d be considered fully vaccinated on June 16th instead of June 23rd. And that would mean maybe we could do something fun on birthday number 49.

Bill came home early from work yesterday. I did some housework chores that I would normally do today, in case I got poked and overcome with sickness or fatigue. Then, at about 2:00pm, we went on post. Sure enough, it was wide open for walk ins, and I was welcome to get the second shot. Bill mentioned that it was a lot easier for me than it was for him, since the previous week was a madhouse. I assume it’s because people wanted to be vaccinated before Memorial Day, although technically they wouldn’t be considered fully vaccinated until two weeks later. Within 40 minutes, the whole thing was over, complete with the ten minute wait after getting the shot. I wonder if anyone actually has had a reaction after the shot at the Wiesbaden station. I sure didn’t see any evidence of it.

I was marveling at how much nicer the weather was yesterday than it was when I got the first jab. In contrast to the very chilly temperatures, rain, and wind we had on May 5th, yesterday it was about 80 degrees and sunny. The better weather made waiting in line a bit more comfortable, although I did overhear one lady being told that someone would have to watch her daughter while she got vaccinated. Children aren’t allowed in the vaccination center, nor are they allowed to wait alone outside. Things sure have changed since I was a kid!

The whole operation ran with precision, although the lady who gave me the shot, in the right arm this time, was not quite as gifted as the first lady was. I did feel a pinch. On the other hand, I just have a little soreness rather than a big red blotch on my arm that still hasn’t completely faded away four weeks later. Maybe the blotch and other side effects will show up later.

I’m really glad and super relieved to have the vaccinations done. I don’t worry too much about catching or spreading COVID-19 because of my reclusive lifestyle. I just want to get out and have some fun again. I think it would really help morale for both Bill and me. I am very grateful to the U.S. government for making these vaccines available to all of the Americans in the military community, including contractors and their families , although as a retiree, Bill and I (as his “dependent”) could have gotten the shot, anyway. Bill says that Germans who work on post are also getting the vaccine, which is a huge boon, since the rollout has been very slow here, although I hear it is improving. Next week, younger people affiliated with the U.S. military installation– teens and pre-teens– can get shots. Meanwhile, German authorities are saying that all adults in Germany should be able to get their vaccines by mid July.

On the way home, we noticed a beautiful field full of purple flowers at the intersection where we turn off to get home. Bill took this hasty photo. Wish he’d rolled his window down and zoomed in… maybe we’ll stop by the Spargel stand at the edge of the field so I can get a nicer shot.

They looked like tulips from a distance, but they’re probably something else. I am so ready to take some new and improved photos and writing some more interesting travel tales. Here’s hoping that will resume very soon.

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