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Bill and I were just sitting outside, enjoying a welcome cool breeze before what looks like rain. Suddenly, I noticed the smell of something burning. Afraid something in the house was burning, Bill went inside to see if we’d left something on a hot burner. Then I noticed smoke coming over the trees. We went upstairs to our entertainment room, which rarely gets used, and ventured out on the balcony.

Our neighbors across the way also came out on their balcony. The woman looked over at us and I pointed toward the billowing black smoke. Then, a few minutes later, we finally heard the first siren. Soon, there were many sirens in chorus. Bill was telling me it looked like a petroleum fire, perhaps from the nearby A3 (Autobahn). Edited to add: the local Facebook group says it was an apartment building that burned down on Rieslingstrasse. One of Bill’s colleagues lives near it. Two cats and two geckos died. Nine people, including five firefighters, suffered mild smoke inhalation damage.

I’m sure someone will cover it in one of the local Facebook groups. The whole neighborhood is smoky now, and people are continuing to stick their heads out in wonder.

Below are videos of what we saw and heard…

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