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Shit and run… now with poop flags! There could be a market for this.

A few days ago, someone in the local Wiesbaden pet group posted this…

Naturally, I found this hysterical and had to rip it off. This was something that needed sharing with my own demented friends.

I was reminded of something that happened a few years ago. Naturally, I had to post about it. Some local Germans got fed up with all of the people leaving their dog shit that they collected about 250 kilos of it and hung it around the neck of a statue. There have also been incidences of people getting in physical fights over dog crap. I think the above solution is much kindler and gentler, not to mention funnier. I would almost applaud the person who came up with this idea, except I’d be afraid of someone getting hurt by the sharp toothpicks. Plus, when it comes down to it, leaving “poop flags” is still littering. At least dog crap eventually biodegrades.

Guess this is a real problem in my neighborhood.

Still… I always admire German style passive aggression. This stunt is particularly funny. I almost wonder if the person or persons doing this are German. This seems more like the kind of thing a snarky Brit might do.

And since this is a pitifully short post, here are a few photos from the neighborhood I took this morning. I didn’t leave any landmines for my neighbors, either. In fact, I got too close to a nettle and ended up with prickly irritation, all because I did the right thing and cleaned up Arran’s shit.


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