Cafe-barON in Ludwigsburg…

This morning, Bill convinced me to go with him and the dogs on a walk.  While we were walking, we ran into a huge black squirrel that got the dogs going.  We marveled at how where we’re from, we see a lot of big gray squirrels.  Here in Germany, they tend to be smaller and black or brown.  The one we saw this morning was a biggun, though.  I actually thought it was a rabbit at first.

When Bill asked me where I wanted to go this afternoon, I said I wanted to get rid of the huge backlog of beer bottles in my kitchen annex.  So we decided to hit Heinrich’s 3000 drink market in Ludwigsburg.  Usually, when we go beer shopping, we stop at Heinrich’s first.  But I noticed the time and realized that we were getting close to the 2:00 witching hour.  I wanted to try a different restaurant in Ludwigsburg and didn’t want to end up hangry.   So we parked in a lot near the train station and walked into town…

On the way in, we passed the world’s largest piggy bank.  It’s in the Guinness Book of World Records and everything.  I got a kick out of the German word for piggy bank (which is on the sign by the pig). As we passed, Bill made a surprisingly black humored and somewhat inappropriate joke that I probably shouldn’t share here.  We had a good laugh, though.  Sometimes his smart assedness shocks me, not because I’m offended, but because he’s usually so mild mannered and kind that when he gets snarky, it’s especially funny.  I get a kick out of Bill when he catches me off guard.

We ended up at Cafe barON, which is right on the main square.  Lots of people were sitting outside because the weather was nice and the Saturday market was shutting down…


Today’s menu.  The actual menu has mostly drinks and breakfast stuff in it, though you can order salads and a very limited selected of ciabatta sandwiches and pasta dishes.  I got the idea that they have daily specials.


We were served two hefeweizens reasonably fast, though it took a long time to put in our food order.  That wasn’t entirely the wait staff’s fault, though.  There were three of them handling a very large crowd of people sitting outside.  A few of us sat indoors where were able to watch the busy bartenders, but were a little neglected.  I did at least get a chance to see some of the dishes as they came out of the kitchen, which helped me make up my mind about what I wanted for lunch.  I thought about ordering a special that had shrimp and a baked potato, but I surmised (correctly) that the potato would be smothered in sour cream.  I like my potatoes with a little butter and salt.  I could have asked them to hold the sour cream, but figured I could use a break from shrimp.

So I ordered the lentil, spatzle, and wurst dish.  This was advertised as Linsen, Spatzle, und Saiten.  Bill looked up Saiten and Google translated it to mean “strings”.  I had a feeling it would be served with wurst.  I was right.  But we were momentarily confused.   This was a lot of food.  I wasn’t able to eat more than half of it.  I noticed the guy at the table next to us ordered it and finished maybe two-thirds.  I have a feeling the fiber is going to kick in big time.

Bill looks adorable with his spinach tortellini and gorgonzola sauce.  I was tempted by this, though I have to be careful when it comes to cheese.  This was verging on too strong for my tastebuds, but he liked it.  Another reason it would have been a bad choice for me is that I need protein or I get super bitchy after a sugar high.


The bill came to 23,50 euros.  I thought that was pretty reasonable.  The food was good at Cafe barON and it was fun to people watch, even though we were sitting inside.  They were playing some cool contemporary music, too.  I get the sense that their desserts are a hit.  Had I not been so full of lentils, maybe I would have tried one myself.  But we needed to get to Heinrich’s and offload our bottles.

On the way to the car, we passed a travel bureau.  I was interested in all the places being advertised… most of them were former Soviet countries.  Perhaps someday I’ll go back to the USSR for a visit…  


After a brief shopping excursion, we drove home.  I ranted the whole way, mainly about cellphone etiquette.  I will have to rant in written form about that on my main blog in awhile.  For now, I’ll just say we liked Cafe barOn fine, though it was pretty busy today.  I’m sure we’ll have the chance to try it again.