Halfway through our trip…

We’re having a good time in San Antonio and it looks like we may have found a suitable house.  I have lots of photos and this trip will spawn several new posts which I will write when we get home.  I am on my mother-in-law’s computer right now.  We’re spending the day with her… and will probably hang out with her over the weekend before we go home on Monday.

My husband’s birthday is Sunday.  I haven’t decided how we should celebrate it.  Last night, we did go to the CIA’s campus restaurant (CIA meaning the Culinary Institute of America).  I will post more about the meal later.  For now, I will say it was a nice experience and I think we will love being so close to a campus.  I can see Bill signing up for a class or two…  if we can afford it, that is.  Our new home is liable to be a lot more expensive than the house we’ve been in.

San Antonio is absolutely overrun with teenagers this week.  There are about 30,000 of them… and they’re all Lutherans.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday!