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The big road trip… part two

The morning of July 27th, we headed toward our next stop.  I had never been to the Gulf Coast before, so I asked Facebook friends for suggestions on where to stay.  One of my friends is from Pascagoula, Mississippi.  She suggested that we spend the night in Gulfport, Mississippi.  All we were going to do was sleep, but she said that was the best place for that.  So I found us a pet friendly motel in Gulfport, the Best Western Seaway.

On the way to Mississippi, we had a number of traffic related irritations.  First off, as we were leaving Peachtree City, I got in a two lane turn lane.  I didn’t realize that once we turned into the entrance to I-85, the lane would force us to suddenly merge.  I nosed my way in front of some guy– didn’t cut him off, but had to merge or hold up traffic.  Guy turned out to be a big dick.  He honked at me and I responded with an expletive, but refrained from using hand gestures or honking back.  Seriously.  It wasn’t like letting me merge was a huge imposition to him.  Within seconds, we’d be on the interstate and he could get the hell away from me… which he promptly did.  Asshole.  Hope he got a flat tire.

In Alabama, we stopped for lunch at a grungy looking KFC/Taco Bell.  I needed to pee.  The bathroom was small, though, and they were busy.  There were several women waiting for one stall because the other stall had an overflowing toilet.  A couple of women gave up and crossed the street to use the bathroom at Burger King.  I wanted chicken, so I stayed patient.  While we were waiting for the loo, a woman struck up a conversation with me and laughed when I almost fell down coming out of the lone functional stall.

Bill and I ate in the nasty parking lot, since we had our pooches with us.  The food was okay, but it’s depressing to eat fast food in a parking lot that is so nasty.  When we got back on I-85, I got passed by a biker who, for some weird reason, decided to flip me the bird.  I don’t know what his problem was.  I was riding the right lane and didn’t cut him off or anything.  But he flipped me off anyway.

And a trucker also blasted me, though I think he might have been blasting someone else.

My first view of the motel… A Hooter’s!  Yikes!

I was a little chagrined to see the nearest restaurant was a Hooter’s.  Not that I have much experience eating there, but I just think it’s kind of an icky concept for a restaurant.  But Bill went there and got us appetizers for dinner and I have to admit, the food wasn’t bad.  It was one of the better road meals we enjoyed.

I was pleasantly surprised by the room, which was small but well-appointed.  The only thing not so good was the television reception.

We had a microwave and a fridge, as well as two free waters.

Zane was curious about the plastic shower.


Bill walked the dogs in the pet area, but then got ambitious and tried to take them to a small grassy area beyond the pet area.  He promptly stepped on a fire ant mound.  I had to laugh, since the day prior, I got stung by a wasp or a hornet.  I’m not sure what it was, but it hurt like the dickens for about an hour. I took solace in the realization that whatever stung me probably died quickly.

All in all, it was a reasonably comfortable night in Gulfport.  Maybe someday we’ll go back and actually see the sights.