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Cruise tickets arrived yesterday…

The FedEx guy showed up while I was on the phone with my mom.  He brought me wine and a very stylish leather portfolio containing cruise documents.  I looked through it yesterday and noticed that the discount SeaDream used to give people who book onboard appears to have been rescinded.  Now, it looks like you have to book a specific cruise, pay a 25% deposit and get 5% off.

In the past, you could get that deal, or you could do an “open booking”, pay $2500, and get 15% off.  We’ve done two open bookings.  Both times, I was under the heavy influence of champagne and a good time.  This time, we might not do it.  There are other cruise lines I want to try, especially since I have a tendency to throw up on SeaDream (small ship + rough waters= seasickness).  I would probably pick another ship that causes me to puke, but SeaDream is also more expensive than other lines…

So we’ll see.  Of course, if I end up having as much fun as I usually do, I might want to book anyway.  The bad thing is that next year, my husband will be leaving his job and adjusting to life as a civilian.  We may not have the money to go on vacation, so I want to make this one count.  And if I can manage one for the fall, I want to make that one count too.

I do like the portfolio.  It smells great.

I posted about the discount issue on Cruise Critic yesterday and people were kind of upset.  This implied new policy may end up backfiring.