1. Plane tickets– check

2. Dogs booked– check

3. Rabies shots and microchips– check

4. Movers scheduled– check

5. Cars shipped– working on it

6. Carpets cleaned– not yet

7. Ride to airport– check

8. Stateside hotel booked– not yet

9. German hotel booked– not yet

10. German house found– not yet

11. Junk hauled away– not yet

12. Stuff donated to Goodwill– partially done

13. Retirement ceremony?– not yet

It’s slowly coming together.  Sadly, Bill’s first retirement check didn’t get to us today, so that’s one more stressor…  Good thing I saved some money.


Logistical hell…

So now we’re trying to get everything together for our move.  A lot of it is going to be up to us, which means that it’s going to be a big pain in the ass.  On the other hand, once we’re done with this, we should be logistics experts.  We have to get one set of movers to move a little less than half of our stuff and another set to put our stuff in storage.    Then we have to ship our cars, buy plane tickets, and take care of our dogs.

Once we get to Germany, we have to find a place to live.  I think it might be easier this time than it was last time.  There aren’t as many soldiers looking since most of them have to live on post now.  Also, there’s more of an internet network with people leaving advertising for their landlords so we don’t have to hire a realtor.

I think once we move to Germany, we will be able to stay awhile… probably longer than a couple of years if the desire to stay is strong.  These next weeks will be a challenge and it will be expensive for us  to get settled.  But then we’ll be able to see new places and do new things.  And I’ll be able to offer some guidance to government contractors who are functioning under the reality of government cutbacks.

For now, I’m just wondering why it’s so damned expensive to get a one way ticket to Germany…