Getting really close…

In a week, we’ll be within a couple of days of boarding a plane to Venice.  I’ve been hearing a lot of horror stories about flight delays because of the government’s failure to pass the budget.  Hopefully, that won’t be an issue for us.

SeaDream II, which had been on a transatlantic cruise from Barbados, was a couple of days into its journey across the Atlantic when someone got hurt.  So they turned around and went back to Barbados, so the woman could get medical care.  The ship is now behind schedule, so those who were scheduled to be on the first European cruise will have their trips shortened by four nights.  This doesn’t affect me, but it does affect one poster on Cruise Critic, who said he’d just decided to cancel.

If Bill and I were in that fix, we would probably just go anyway and fuck around in Europe.  We can easily entertain ourselves there and SeaDream is no doubt going to refund some of the money for that interrupted cruise.  I had been looking at that cruise when I was considering trips last year.  Glad I didn’t end up choosing it.  On the plus side, those who are on the transatlantic and can spare the time off are getting four extra nights for free!  What a bargain!

I’m hoping this vacation is as much fun as most of our trips are.  At the very least, I’m excited to see Greece at last and color in that country on my map of visited countries!  Once we get back home, I’ll have to add it to my blog.

SeaDream II


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