You know you’re close to vacation when…

you start dreaming about espadrilles…

I don’t even own a pair of espadrilles and would probably never think to buy them, yet they sure did show up in my dreams this morning.

I’m also within the window of reading weather forecasts in Italy with some accuracy.  Looks like the weather will be better in Venice a week from today than it is in North Carolina this morning.  I can’t believe it’s time for another trip.  I hope I can adapt to less frequent travels in the coming years.  Well, I guess I’ll have to adapt somehow… I just hope it’s not too difficult.  I really love traveling, especially in Europe.  I learn something new with every trip.

I’m also hoping that the cruise is lovely.  Most SeaDream cruises are excellent, of course, but you never know what kinds of people will be onboard.  Hopefully there won’t be a lot of obnoxious folks who take over or little kids who snorkel in the hot tub.  SeaDream is a very adult line, but some people feel it’s still appropriate to bring their kids, even though there’s nothing for their kids to do.  I would think most normal kids would be bored silly on a SeaDream cruise.

I’m glad we’re doing this trip in May.  It’s the shoulder season, so maybe the crowds won’t be too much, the weather won’t be too hot, and the kids will still be in school…

I also hope that the dogs do okay at the kennel and we don’t get any frantic emails about them.  And I hope the flights aren’t too annoying.  I dread the flights the most.

Yesterday, I told Bill that I was going to change my nightgown (I never did get dressed yesterday) and take a shower.  I then lamented about how lazy I am.  Sweet Bill looked at me and said, “Don’t worry.  It’s dark outside.  Besides, you need to rest because we’re about to go on vacation.”  One of my friends said she knew why I love him so much…  The fact that he spoils me rotten is just one of many excellent reasons.


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