Greek art!

When Bill and I were in Athens last month, we purchased a couple of new paintings from an art store.  The man who ran the store was Australian but had Greek heritage.  His store was loaded with canvases, a lot of which were kind of stereotypical Greek settings.  There were lots of paintings of Mykonos, Santorini. and scenes from places in Athens.  My eyes were drawn to one painting in particular, which caught my eye the minute we walked into the store.  It was hanging on the wall and depicted a bunch of Greek men sitting around smoking, holding court, with the Acropolis in the background.  Yeah, it was kind of stereotypical, but I did actually see a lot of Greek men doing this sort of thing…

And then my eyes landed on a much bigger painting that was a whole lot more interesting…  I knew Bill would love it.  It was unsigned and apparently done by an anonymous Greek art student.  I decided we had to have it.  The shop owner was desperate for a sale.  He originally priced the first painting at 250 euros and the second at 85 euros.  But he eventually came down to offering both for 230 euros.  We did not haggle with him.  He haggled with himself.  It was very odd.

Anyway, we had them both framed and they look great…

We’ll hang them in our new home.  No sense putting more nail holes in this one.


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