A few of my favorite travel gadgets…

Last year, I decided I needed new luggage.  I did my research and finally bought a bunch of bags from RedOxx.com.  My favorite of the bags I’ve purchased so far is the Sky Train.  It’s a carry on bag that can be carried three different ways.  I like the fact that I can wear it on my back, over my shoulder, or carry it like a briefcase.  I also like the it comes in twelve colors.  I bought mine in bordeaux red.  Bill liked my bag so much that I bought him one for Christmas.

I also bought a Beanos Safari bag, a garment bag, an aviator bag, and and a Gator bag.  These bags don’t have wheels, which makes them lighter than spinners.  My old suitcase was huge and cumbersome and didn’t fit in the trunk of my MINI Cooper.  These bags are a lot easier to fit in the car and I find I don’t even come near the weight limit.

I had been wanting a pair of Bose headphones for a long time.  I sure was grateful to have them when Bill and I took our latest trip to Italy and Greece.  They were great for shutting out ambient sound and listening to music.  These headphones are very comfortable, too.  I wore them most of the way across the Atlantic and back.

The next item is not something I’ve taken on a trip yet.  Bill bought it for me on his latest business trip, which happened to end while the power was out last weekend.  It’s a backup battery for my iPhone, iPod, or iPad.  It really was a great thing to have as we waited for the power to come back on.  My phone was pretty much dead by the time Bill got home.

It’s small enough to be stowed anywhere and handy enough to be used when you’re stuck somewhere without an electrical outlet.

I actually carry an iPhone, iPad, and iPod when I travel.  I guess if I had to consolidate, I’d go with the phone, since it’s capable of doing so many things and takes up the least amount of space.  But I’m not one to travel light and all of my accessories are pretty full.  I have no room on my phone for music or videos.  I do like the iPad for a lot of things.  I wish it were easier to type on it, since I like to write.  But the iPad is great for games, movies, and books, as well as keeping in touch online.

The last item I like to travel with is a shawl I bought at the Miami airport.  It’s made of cashmere, so it’s warm, but lightweight.  It’s good to wrap up in on overnight flights, when the air might be a little chilly.  I probably paid too much for it, but it’s pretty and will probably last a long time.


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