Delta… milking it for all it’s worth…

We have a flight scheduled to San Antonio for July 1.  Delta Airlines already sent me an email inviting me to pay more for better seats.  I took them up on that offer.  Now they’re trying to get me to pay for Internet on the flight.  It’s $14 for 24 hours.  I suppose I could go for it… but none of the flights are really that long.

And then they sent me an offer for a 30 day membership in their Sky Club for $90.  If we had a long layover, maybe it would be worth it.

I wish we could fly our cars and our dogs to San Antonio.  I’m kind of dreading the three or four day road trip that looms ahead.  I continue to look for houses every day.  For now, we’re going to rent.  Maybe if we decide to stay in San Antonio, we’ll consider purchasing a house.

Bill has scheduled our tentative packing out date for July 26th, which means we’ll probably be leaving North Carolina the 27th or thereabouts.  I’d like to get this over with.  Moving is such a hassle.


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