Ireland? or France?

So I think Bill and I are definitely thinking we’d like to go back to Europe for our next trip, whenever it may be.  We are definitely interested in barging or perhaps doing a river cruise, even though I read with some dismay about troubles river cruisers have been having because of flooding in the Danube.  I’m not linking to any particular thread on Cruise Critic.  Just go there and have a look if you’re interested.  There are a few folks who have had their river cruises suddenly turn into bus tours.

I do worry that if we did a river cruise, we might be a bit on the young side.  But then, we were among the youngest on our Hebridean cruise in November and it wasn’t really a problem.  In fact, I would love to do another Hebridean cruise, even if it’s a river cruise.  I hope they offer them next year.

Barging would be different because only a few couples go at a time and the barges go so slowly that you might be able to walk faster.  You run the risk of being on a barge with people you don’t like, of course… or perhaps they won’t like you.  But you also get a lot of personal attention and the chance to really get into the local scene.

European Waterways has put out some very enchanting looking videos.  We were looking at Ireland for next year because I haven’t really been there and Bill hasn’t been in almost 30 years.  And Ireland is where his “people” are from.

However, France is barging country and Bill loves France.  He loves the wine, the cheese, and the cuisine…  I like France too.  So we’ll see what happens…

I would hope I’d be less likely to get seasick on a barge, too…


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