Going home..

I’m typing this from the plane taking us to Atlanta.  I’m glad to be going home, though we had a reasonably good time in Texas.  I guess I’m just ready to get this process done.  In the meantime, I like being in my own home with my dogs and computer.

This trip has spawned a lot of ideas for travel blog posts.  If you’ve been keeping up with my main blog, you may have already read about some of our adventures this week.  But I have more to write here that wouldn’t fit on The Overeducated Housewife.  I’d start writing now, but the iPad is not so handy for blogging.  Maybe my next purchase will be an iBook.

For the most part, we found San Antonio to be a fun, vibrant city.  We did have a couple of unfortunate situations that made the visit less pleasant but provided blogging material for me.  Probably the strangest thing that happened all week was hearing a street person get mad at my husband for not engaging him.  It’s not every day you hear someone drop the n bomb on someone like Bill.

Our week-long stay at the Menger Hotel gives me plenty of material for a lengthy review.  For now I’ll say that it’s a very historic place… And I probably don’t need to stay there again.  In fact, I probably don’t need to stay in downtown San Antonio again.  The Riverwalk is neat, but it’s really for tourists.  We don’t qualify as tourists anymore.  Who needs to pay $28 a day for valet parking and going to chain restaurants?

It’s fun to watch the ducks, I guess… All the young Air Force and Navy trainees are fun to watch, too.  They are babies!  They have to wear their uniforms everywhere, too.

Anyway, when I get home and have time, I will post photos and write in more detailed posts.  Time to give this blog more attention.


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