Home at last… and CRANKY.

I’m in a bit of a bitchy mood.  Airline travel tends to make me grouchy.  Add in the fact that we got in a little too late to pick up Zane and Arran and you have someone who’s a bit on the cranky side tonight.

We got out of San Antonio a little early and had a nice enough flight.  Landing in Atlanta was a little less fun… I probably shouldn’t have taken the exit row seats since there’s nowhere to put stuff under the seat and the flight attendants were being sticklers about making me put my stuff away for takeoff and landing.  I must admit I got pretty pissy toward the end of the hour long flight.  One of the flight attendants was annoying me by insisting on putting my iPad in the overhead bin when she hadn’t noticed I didn’t put it away when we took off.  I think she got one of my dirty looks, which Bill thought was funny. I responded by lightly smacking him on the chest.  He then told me if he’d done that to me, people would have been upset.  I doubt it, but anyway…

When we got to RDU, it took forever to get our bags… then it took forever for the bus to the parking lot to get to us.  The driver was really bitchy and annoying and the bus was packed because it took forever for the bus to arrive and people had stacked up waiting for it.  The driver was yelling at people and Bill kept looking at his watch, realizing we wouldn’t be able to get the dogs.  That made us both grouchy.

And I’m looking at our nice, private, quiet house in North Carolina and realizing that we are most likely moving to a house in the big city…  The prospect of moving puts me in a foul mood.

Anyway, I have a lot to write about and when I’m less irritable, I will get to work.


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