Costa Rica again…

SeaDream recently sent me an email with a link to the newest cruises for late 2014 and early 2015 (phew, that seems so far away).  I noticed they weren’t going back to Costa Rica, which makes me a little sad because I’d love to go there.  I know there are other cruiselines that go there, but I am a SeaDream fan.

So then I looked at what is still available for this fall.  One cruise had a super bargain guaranty rate of $2699 a person, which may seem like a lot, but for SeaDream is very reasonable.  It would be the week before Christmas.  I looked into flights to San Jose, Costa Rica and it would be about $1200-$1400 to fly down there.  The flights are a bit on the sucky side, but they are within our reach.

I must say, it’s REALLY tempting to book.

Booking that cruise, however, would mean that we would likely not be able to do anything next year.  We may not do anything next year anyway, but I was hoping to get rid of some debt.  And I’m also not sure I want to do another cruise so soon after our last one.

But still… it really is tempting.  I do want to go to Costa Rica.  And a Christmas trip might be just what we need.

Well, we’ll see…  When we get to Texas, we’ll be paying more for housing and we’ve heard energy bills are higher.  On the other hand, food is cheaper and there are fewer taxes.  And Bill will be closer to work, so he won’t be spending as much on gas.  We could also forgo TV, which would probably do me a lot of good.

I doubt we’ll do it, but you never know.


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